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  1. yesjess721

    Looking for a study group in the NYC area

    Hey There... No not yet I'm planning to take it within a month or two.
  2. I'm looking for a study buddy in the NYC area willing to meet at the library or SB. Need the extra motivation it's been hard for me to get back into the groove of studying .....
  3. yesjess721

    Passed Nclex the 8th time!!!!!!

    That's awesome!!! Good Luck with the new job . I'm still trying to pass the exam . I've been trying to get a hold of Gapuz's book (hard book to find). Maybe that will help. Have a Wonderful Holiday and may the New Year be a good one to those who still need to pass!!
  4. yesjess721

    Looking For NCLEX-RN tutor (NYC AREA)

    Yes I've taken the exam a few times Im at the point where I REALLY need TO study . I hoping with someone else to push me then it will help . Mostly med- surg . email me joyo721@aol
  5. yesjess721

    Looking For NCLEX-RN tutor (NYC AREA)

    Hi.... if still interested, I'm up for the study group.
  6. yesjess721

    Passed Nclex the 8th time!!!!!!

    Congrats on passing the exam !!!!!! Just to let you know, on the 29th of Oct there's a nursing job fair in Edison NJ . Good Luck with the job search :)
  7. yesjess721

    6th attempt on Nclex ---> PASS!!!!!

    CONGRATS on becoming a Best of luck to you !!!!!!!