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  1. TennNS

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    i just had an interview for the summer 2011. the interview was tough. i was already nervous as it was but being able to speak confidently in front of 3 people asking very detailed questions is very difficult. it was like being on a first date with 3 people at once. you just can't be yourself very easily and they want specifics. i am wondering if people that felt like they didn't do well in the interview were still able to get into the program. i wonder how many of the points are awarded for the interview portion.
  2. TennNS

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    I recently applied and got an interview which was yesterday. I did not feel good leaving that interview. I was very nervous and even though I answered all the questions, it just didn't come out the way I would have wanted. I am wondering how much the interview weighs in the point system. Can you tell me how you felt after the interview and what you think about the interview point system?
  3. TennNS

    Vanderbilt Summer 2011

    I had an interview yesterday. We cannot comment on the interview or post any of the interview questions. This site is being monitored and you will be reported!!!
  4. TennNS

    iPhone applications?

    I am interested to learn about the reasons that you would use an iphone and the applications during clincals. When you are talking about the applications and the books, do you mean that you can download the book onto the iphone and just look up information just like you were reading a book. The instructor said something about cutting and pasting info that was generic, like meds that were similar on patients, etc... I am new so I have no idea about how this would benefit me. Can someone plese help me out here? Thanks.