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    Excelsior LVN to RN program - any TEXAS grads????

    Just called BON to clear up about labs, they said as long as you complete the required curriculum for your out of state program and it is a recognized program (which excelsior is) you CAN sit for the NCLEX it does not matter whether your science classes have labs or not, on the other hand all in state Texas programs require labs and that's why the college you called; said you needed them. I requested an email record of the conversation be sent for my records. When I receive it I will post it for verification; hope that helps.
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    I DID IT!!!!!

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We knew you could do it!
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    Registered for FCCA!!!

    Hey MEG and Princess1125, I am in the same boat with you guys. My FCCA will be here Tuesday and I registered for the CPNE on Friday in Lubbock, TX. I am signed up to attend Lynn's workshop in Dallas March 19/20. I hear good things hope it's worth the money. So if you guys need to vent or want to chat I am available and can completely sympathize. BTW Meg, are you an RT? I only ask because my husband has been an RT for 20 years. -christy
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    CPNE book help?

    Ok I looked at the recommended books to study for the CPNE and I ordered two of the three but confused about the Wong's pediatric nursing book. When I went to half.com and even Barnes and noble they had several ones to choose from. Do I need the 100.00 book plus the study guide and the reference manual? Which one did ya'll get? Just don't want to spend more than I need to. -Christy
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    HDLS 3

    You will do just fine; I was just in your shoes with HDLS 2 so I know how overwhelming it can be. Look how far you have come! Just take it one question at a time and remember our prayers are with you! Good Luck.-Christy
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    Need a Prayer

    Hey guys just need a little extra prayer tonight. I take my LAST exam in the morning HDLS-2 for the second time. I made all A's and B's and then failed this one with a D in November. I am so freaked out that I may fail again, so please send some good luck my way. Thanks in advance and hopefully I can post tomorrow that its FCCA and CPNE time!-Christy
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    Need a Prayer

    I would like to accept this in honor of a few; my dear husband for not giving in to my irrational thoughts, my dear coffee pot for exceeding the recommended usage by not going out on me, and the answered prayers from all my cyberbuddies who didnt give up on me! I made a "B" yeah!!! On to the FCCA and CPNE. -Christy
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    Need a Prayer

    Thanks Julie, I needed that.-christy
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    Prayers for HD2...

    Congratulations!!! You are truly an inspiration.