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  1. Sfoahoy

    timeline on retrogression?

    Hi Silerdragon - thank you for that. Given that I have a visa screen cert as well as the NCLEX and I am not particularly stuck on where to work. Can you suggest a State which still supplies an hard copy licence without the SSN requirement? Somewhere urban would be preferrable where there are lots of ER options. Is New York still a SSN free zone as far as issuing a licence? BTW I am trying to get onto the thread "A primer for all who want to work in the USA" but I just can't seem to get it to open. Any suggestions? Thanks again
  2. Sfoahoy

    timeline on retrogression?

    Hi Suzanne4 - if your out there can you please advise me what to do. I have read as much as I can on this subject but I have a few questions I am Irish. I am a registered general nurse on the Irish register. I was born in Ireland but trained in the UK. - I am on the UK register as well. I have a BSc in Nursing and a Masters Degree too. I am not working in the clinical area - I work as a teacher in a school - but about 18 months ago I did a Return to Nursing Course in the UK to keep me on the register there. I thought also at the time that it would make me more attractive to an American employer to have some recent clinical experience. After that, I passed my NCLEX in California. It has 18months to run before it expires - due to the fact that I have no US social security number. I have also the Visa Screen Certificate completed OK. If I could choose I would like to live in a big city and work in an ER department. Reading the posts it looks like because of retrogression I haven't got a hope of getting a visa through in the next 18 months - would you agree? Being an optimist however, I would like to have a go anyway. So whats the best way to get a US employer (quickley) on board for my petition? I do not want to go through a recruitment agency for this - would you advise that I use an immigration lawyer Stateside to speed things up? Also is it advisable perhaps to tranfer my NCLEX test results from California to another US State before the 18month deadline comes arround to stop me having to do the thing again in 18 months and perhaps start the process from there? Thanks for all the information you have provided so far. Living and working in the US has always been my dream (Sfo ahoy!) what would you say are my best options? Thank you