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  1. ginainana

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    Thank you gonnabeanurse! Your information really help a lot. I just registered for Pharmacology 103 but after reading your post I might skip it and take 104 next summer. I could really use that money on the fall books since they're going to be expensive! I want to take Prof. Kipnis too! I heard great things about her and as soon as I found out I got accepted I stopped by her office to talk to her. She's a sweetheart! She's been giving me great advice about the program. I'm gonna have to get there early for registration!
  2. ginainana

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    Ruby I did get your PM thanks! :] I'm still new to this site so I didn't respond your pm right away. I just registered for Pharm 103, is anyone else taking it this summer?
  3. ginainana

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    I'm thinking about taking pharmacology 103 and medical terminology this summer, or maybe just pharmacology. Its a little tight with my schedule because I have to be at work by 4 but we'll see. I'm excited too! I live in the north side, Rogers park area, so its not too far for me. I'm worried nursing 101 is going to require a lot of work so I rather take those courses over the summer, hopefully they'll help :] My name is Gina btw, what's your name? Hopefully I'll see you around or at registration!
  4. ginainana

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    I'll definitely try to get the day program since it works with my schedule. I've been going to truman since last spring and so far I like it :] i spent a good year to do the pre-req courses. what about yourself? I'm so excited to get started! are you taking any course this summer?
  5. ginainana

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    Hello! Ruby2623 congrats! I got accepted into the program as well! are you doing the day program or evening?
  6. ginainana

    Anyone get into Truman's Nursing program for Fall 09?? Post here!!

    Hi everyone, congrats on making it into the program!!!! I'm currently a student at truman too. I'm thinking about applying for the upcoming year. I just looked at the ranking system and how they rank you by the pre-req and other required courses, and use GPA as the tie breaker or something like that. what is everyone's ranking points? I still have to take Anatomy I this summer with Prof. Siddiqi, and Chem 101, Anatomy II and MIcrobio in the fall so i still have some courses ahead of me. Any word of advice from everyone?

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