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  1. madams0714

    friday test when wiil i get results

    I just got my results today also. I passed:)
  2. madams0714

    MedTech College

    i just graduated from medtech and there is alot of high school type stuff. credits do not transfer and the whole thing about the hospitals is also affecting other small schools. medtech still has contracts with st. vincent, methodist, kindred hospital, and alot of nursing homes. they r trying really hard 2 move up the ladder and they r doing a pretty good job of it. the clinical director is also a member of the indiana state board of nursing. i believe in the very near future that their credits will transfer and that students will be able to get state funded grants.
  3. no matter how much u study u still feel like u failed, but most likely u passed. i am waiting on my results and have no idea how 2 feel. i studied and got 70-90% on tests, but i walked out of the test feeling like i was gonna puke. u'll be fine a little stress is good for test taking. u can always narrow it down to 2 answers just think hard about which is the best. fyi, study ur cultures.
  4. madams0714

    friday test when wiil i get results

    i took my NCLEX on friday morning and was wondering if anyone knew when results would post on in.gov. also, what if u go 2 in.gov after taking test and it says application pending? i was wondering what it would say if u failed.