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  1. My current clinical instructor is now telling us to rub or massage after giving insulin. She made another student do this today. In postconference, myself, along with others, disagreed with this. Everything we've learned, all our books say not to do that, but she insists we do. My boyfriend is type 1, I think I would know about not rubbing it in! His mom is an RN, I called her at work and both she and her coworker said they never heard of that. So what are everyone else's thoughts? I will not do that, ever.

  2. I say go for it! Get in where you can, so long as you are comfortable with the school and it seems like a decent program...I chose the private route as well, got accepted, and almost done with my 2nd week btw! 49 more to go lol! I just can't wait on a lottery. I actually have all my RN prereqs done but you know how that goes with the impacted lotteries....I don't have quite a 4.0 or the experience to make up for it to get into Sac State, my grades are pretty good though....so I decided to start with LVN. I have a young child, am on unemployment, it's tough...but I have a wonderful guy and my family behind me and it will be worth it in the end!:)

  3. I thought I posted it before, but the total tuition (including books, uniforms, supplies, that stuff) is $28,450 (minus $20 enrollment fee to make it $28,430). As for out of pocket, I'd imagine gas money to get to school/clinicals (kind of a duh), and...not sure if anything else. Financial aid really does depend on your situation, how much money you made last year, etc. At least for sac they calculate for the first 9 months, because that's all they are able to determine as far as disbursement date stuff goes right now, but you will get called in again "next year" to recalculate more aid you are eligible for since the program goes through not only the 09/10 school year but partially the 10/11 school year.

    When we sign up for a private school, we can kinda figure it's going to be really high tuition, because they all are. Yes they want their money, but they don't get the same funding that community colleges do for example. the sky high tuitions at private schools are due to that; they help pay for the facility, the teachers' salaries, the desks, the computers, everything...they don't get money from the government like the public schools do for upkeep and all that. The most they get from the government is the title IV funding (your fed grants and loans).

  4. anymore info on....?

    i just looked at my aid sheet, i think i know what the guy was trying to tell you, he was talking about the total sub and unsub loans you can get right now, until they can calculate in other stuff. the 9500 means just the sub and unsub loans, for now, not financial aid overall

  5. btw, since i am 26 and have a dependent and don't have a lot of income, i qualify for pell/seog/calgrant/all that stuff

    ashlie, maybe only you qualified for 9500 in financial aid? because that wouldn't apply to everyone. did your guy really tell you that?

  6. i still have 10k to cover after grants and fed loans, i applied for a private loan and i do have a cosigner if i find i need one, which i was told people usually do for that high an amount. they cannot add in money for the 10/11 school year yet, that's why i still have 10k to cover at this point. calgrant they will find out about in march, and then sometime next year they will be able to calculate in other grants (and more fed loans if needed). when that happens if i have a credit balance (more aid received than necessary to pay off tuition), they can give me the extra money directly which i could in turn cash and send money to for example the private loan to pay down the balance, or i can request they send the extra money to a lender to pay down the balance.

  7. YES!! My MMR and Varicella titers were positive!!! I didn't expect the results to be ready so fast since I just had the blood drawn Friday, but HOORAY. Done! All I need now is to get my PPD read Wednesday or Thursday (just did it today), and go to my CPR class on Wednesday! Financial aid went well. Excited!!! Can't wait to start! I was told there will be an orientation probably on the 4th, but we will get a notice in the mail about that:)

  8. So today I did my physical, drug test, tetanus booster (last IZ for it is over 10 years old), 1st Hep B (I am going to a different clinic for the next two shots that has Saturday/Sunday hours), had titer drawn for MMR and Varicella (results should be known by Wednesday hope they are positive titers!!), PHEW! It was a lot. I'm doing my PPD another day because I wouldn't have been able to come back Monday morning to have it read due to my financial aid appointment.

    By the way, do any of you ladies know for sure if the hematocrit/hemoglobin and regular UA is really required? I opted not to do those today because at the clinic they told me other students were not doing those tests because Kaplan only wanted the physical....hmm...they said it's no big deal to walk in and do those if I find I do have to, but they suggested I put it off until I find out for sure, since they claim other students didn't need them. Why spend more money if I don't have to right?


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