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    Can You Refuse A Patient Assignment

    I am a nurse. I am confused and utterly frightened at the court's decision in the ruling that you mentioned. 1) How is an ER doctor not an employee of the hospital? 2) What was the nurse supposed to do in this case? She was supposed to ignore the doctor's order to send the pt to anther hospital and do what? She can't treat him herself. Time was of the essence. In this case, I would have contacted my nursing supervisor. What else could this nurse have done? 3) Why do doctors not have a duty to patients? If he works in the ER and is the only ER doctor available, how does he not have a duty to the patients there? If the problem is out of his area of expertise, how is it wrong for him to send the pt somewhere that can better take care of him? I thought hospitals did this. They send pts to hospitals better equipped to take care of their needs. What was the doctor in this case supposed to do? I am more concerned with the question of what was Right for this nurse to do in this case, since the court decided what the nurse did was wrong. Thank you.