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  1. julesjmf

    If accepted to R.N and P.A school, which would you pick?

    Nursing school -- you can always do your NP, and work as an RN while you're doing it -- but I really believe nursing gives you much more flexibility than PAs. Plus in many states, I believe that NPs actually have more autonomy than PAs. It's also a very different mindset -- NPs are nurses first, PAs are very much like doctors and use the medical model. You're not in school yet and therefore may not really get the difference, but I think there is one. I'm still new enough to nursing that I don't think I can explain it well, but ask around, I bet some other people can explain it better. That might make your decision for you.
  2. Our goal is 45 minutes for admits -- and to be honest I'm not sure if this goal is from the time that they are put in for a bed assignment or just once they have the bed assignment I just treat it like it's the time from the bed assignment because the first is just totally out of my control. It's a lot easier to do in less than 45 minutes, though, if you know they're being admitted and have been waiting on a bed for a bit because you can get everything ready except calling report. It's a little different when things are busy and a patient who you think is probably going to be discharged is suddenly being admitted and randomly there is actually a bed available -- then you have to scramble to get everything together (we have a checklist of things we have to do before a patient can go up to the floor).
  3. julesjmf

    George Mason Accelerated BSN 2009

    From what I've heard, all of the schools have their problems. I know several people who were graduates of Marymount (private) who had similar problems with organization. I think the problems with organization/communication at GMU stem from it being such an accelerated program -- it is difficult to get people through so quickly. For what it's worth, I never had trouble getting people to return my emails at GMU as a student (they weren't very forthcoming with information as an applicant, but once you were accepted/a student, it wasn't a problem -- the professors are great). GW's program is newer so I don't know how they are doing, and they might have their own problems simply from being newer. In terms of a job, I don't think it makes a difference where you go to school. Most of the schools have clinicals at Inova facilities. The job market stinks right now. Your best bet for a job right out of school is to work as a tech during school on a unit you like -- they are likely to offer you a job once you graduate. Your next best option is to get a scholarship/work commitment through Inova or one of the hospitals. Good luck!!
  4. julesjmf

    NCLEX -- fail or results not in?

    most people i know have been able to call the va board of nursing the next day after taking nclex, put in their ssn, and find out that they have a license and therefore passed the boards! i have tried the "pearson vue trick" and i get the response "the candidate currently has test results that are on hold. a new registration cannot be created at this time." so i'm worried that it is going to take longer than normal for me to get my results. i'm worried that when i call tomorrow, if it doesn't say i have a license, then i don't know if i failed or if the results are just taking longer than normal to process. any advice??
  5. Hi everyone! I am graduating from nursing school next week! I am eager to take the NCLEX-RN as soon as possible. I know that I have to wait until my school sends my transcript to the board of nursing (I'm in VA), but I'm wondering about the turnaround time after that. Any idea/experience about roughly how long the VA BON takes to process the application and send the ATT? They already have my application and are just waiting on my transcript. Once we get the ATT and call Pearson to schedule the test date, I know they have to give us a date within 30 days. I'm wondering how far in advance they will be scheduling. Am I likely to get a test date for 30 days? Or is it possible that I could test the next week? I know this sounds so Type-A but I am trying to get a handle on what the next few months will be like for me. There aren't that many jobs posted for new grads in northern VA, and if I get an offer, I want to be able to start immediately. Thanks in advance!
  6. julesjmf

    George Mason Accelerated BSN 2009

    Oh I meant to mention that you do not have classes during the preceptorship period in the summer, but you do have a class during the last part of the summer when you are in your Community Health clinical. We are done on August 6th!!!! :)
  7. julesjmf

    George Mason Accelerated BSN 2009

    Hi guys, I'm in the program now, so I can try to answer a few of your questions, although they supposedly make changes each year, so I can't promise things will be the same for you guys. First semester, you take a LOT of credits, it's stressful and I think it would be difficult to work during this time. Several people in the program who have worked as nurse tech's or had some part time job before the program were able to work every once in awhile, picking up shifts. But unless you have a flexible boss I'd say it would be hard. Some people work a full "part-time" job (~20 hrs) but I honestly don't know how they do -- I think their grades may suffer and I know they are exhausted and stressed out. Second semester is a little lighter, but I still think it would be hard to have a regular job. First semester we had classes three days a week, from 7:30 to around 3 or 4. All of our classes start at 7:30 except for one class this semester, so definitely prepare yourself for that start time. We had clinical (on a medical-surgical unit) one day a week which is from 6:30-3ish. Most of us were at Inova facilities for that clinical. We had one day "off" a week. It was great to have the day to schedule doctor's appointments, do the grocery shopping, etc, but there is so much to do and so much sleep to catch up on, I would not recommend trying to work that one day off. There is a two week January "term" where you take Community Health. Our class was actually online so we met once the first week and once the second week for tests. Then the spring semester, you have clinical 2 days a week (again 6:30-3ish, but it varies slightly depending on where you are placed which could be anywhere). This semester you have 3 different clinicals, each for 5 weeks (2 days/wk) -- psychiatry, maternal/child, and pediatrics. Your peds clinical will likely be at Georgetown or Children's Hosp, both in DC. Most of the other clinicals were around the inova fairfax area. We are wrapping up the spring classes now. We start the summer with a week of lab time and then go into our preceptorship for five weeks -- the preceptorship is basically an internship where we work the same 3x12 hr shifts/wk with an assigned nurse at one of the area hospitals. You will work whatever hours they are scheduled, so this may include nights and weekends and will be 12 hr days. I still don't know where I am going so I don't have much more information on that. The last part of the summer (the last 5 weeks), we have clinical on Tuesdays and Thursdays (6:30-3 again??) -- this is your community health clinical. We will be placed all over the area and don't know our spots yet. You don't have any say over your schedule/clinical locations in the fall and spring, but you can let the program know if you want to be carpooling with anyone so they will put you together. No hurry on letting them know, though. We gave a list of preferences for our preceptorship and community health clinicals this semester but I"m not sure how well that will work out. You don't need to worry about that yet. Registration will take place in August when you come to campus. Don't worry about it, they will let you know when you need to do it. As for the classes/presentations/projects, most of the classes have at least one project or presentation and I think most people do well on them. Sometimes they are group, sometimes individual assignments. All of the tests are multiple choice in NCLEX style and they are much more difficult than a regular multiple choice question, so the tests do require a lot of studying -- especially for your 319 pathophysiology class (which includes pediatrics, OB & psych) in the fall and for your 419/adult pathophysiology and 334/pharmacology classes in the spring. Communication and organization are not always what I'd like them to be with this program so if you're Type A like me, just take a deep breathe and be prepared to not always know things in advance. Ok, I've procrastinated on studying for my exam long enough -- hope this information was helpful!!
  8. julesjmf

    George Mason Accelerated BSN 2009

    sorry, just re-reading the messages above, and it looks like you'll hear in april about getting into the nursing program? also, i didn't realize you'd already sent in your deposit. you may want to contact gmu and see if they can cancel the payment until you hear from the nursing program. good luck!
  9. julesjmf

    George Mason Accelerated BSN 2009

    Yes, it looks like you have SO FAR just been admitted to the university, not yet to the nursing program. Don't panic, though, last year the nursing program didn't send out decision letters until June. I think this year it may be a little earlier, but you could always call to double check. Also, I would call the GMU admissions office and find out exactly when you have to send in your deposit to the university -- you ought to be able to wait until you find out for sure from the nursing school but I would just double check the dates. So congratulations on getting into GMU! Now you only have to wait a little longer to hear about the nursing program! Good luck :)
  10. julesjmf

    George Mason Accelerated BSN 2009

    i can't believe you find out in april! that's an improvement from last year -- we weren't notified until june. as far as gpa, i don't know about anyone else, but i got As in all of my prereqs and i think that's really the only thing that matters. i also think your essay counts for a lot. good luck!!
  11. julesjmf

    George Mason Accelerated BSN 2009

    I think they are very strict on the prereq policy -- we had to send our transcript in by the end of May. If you can't make it to an information session, definitely give them a call and see if you can talk to/email one of the advisers.
  12. I knew you were being funny I just wanted to make sure I didn't come across as if I thought it would be easy. When you say major changes, what types of things are they changing? Do you think it's for the better? Also, a more specific question, we are required to buy all white leather shoes "with no holes or ornamentation." I have a pair of black dansko's that I love but I am hesitant to drop the money for a pair of white ones unless it would really be worth it. Do most people just wear plain sneakers? Or does it depend on the clinical site you're at?
  13. Thank you for your response! I know that we won't have a day "off" and that this is an extremely intensive program, I was just thinking how great it would be to have one unscheduled day to work from home or just to have several straight hours to work at school. Any other information/suggestions you may have would be very welcome. Good luck finishing everything up and congratulations!!
  14. Hi everyone, I am looking to get some information about George Mason's accelerated BSN program. Is anyone out there currently in the program? Or graduated recently? I am attending the university's orientation on 7/21 where I am hoping to get all of my registration information, but there is a lot I am curious about that is nursing-specific (e.g. how do clinicals work? do we rotate? how long are rotations?). Do we have class/clinicals EVERY day? Or will we have Tues or Thursday off? Any information would be greatly appreciated -- I know there are at least a few of us incoming students that would love to know more about the program before we start on Aug 24th! Thanks!
  15. julesjmf

    Anyone apply to GMU Fall 2009?

    I'm going into the Accelerated BSN program this fall and I'm attending orientation on Tuesday July 21 during the day -- I hope that was ok because that was what worked with my schedule. I also didn't know we had to take the TEAS so I'm trying to schedule that, too. I probably won't take it until the 20th or 21st of August. I would love to know about classes/registration/clinicals. I saw the book list -- that is going to be expensive!