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  1. Nemhain

    Full timers-how many sick days do you use per year?

    Geez... the average sick days taken on my unit per year is 7 and I've used 4 so far.
  2. Nemhain


    I hear ya! I've heard many nurses say that they used to be able to spend more time with patients 6 + years ago when ratios at my hospital were much higher. The paperwork is taking us away from the patient and we have to get after the MDs to sign this and that. I get fed up having to chase the doctors down to sign medication reconciliation sheets (which they should be doing anyway). The simple solution would be to start holding doctors responsible for doing their own work... but that won't happen because it's too logical. Charting will only get worse... no wonder there is a revolving door of nurses, old and new.
  3. Nemhain

    Tucson - new grad

    University Medical Center (UMC) has a good PICU and they're building a new pediatric hospital (Diamond Children's Medical Center) that will be attached to the existing hospital and it will have a it's own ED! I think it will be done in the spring of 2010. I've heard good things about Tucson Medical Center's (TMC) PICU and I think they are also planning on a separate children's hospital as well. I think the new grad pay right now for both hospitals is $24.00
  4. Nemhain

    Tucson Medical Center - New Grad Pay?

    I have to say that I've heard nothing but good things about TMC's L&D... seriously. I know that there are approx. 4,000 births a year there! That 's a busy L&D dept. I can't say I've heard the same about the Med/Surg units. I heard that the Med/Surg floors are carpeted (I'm just imagining the spills... gross).
  5. Nemhain

    Experienced RN help finding work

    That's what I see coming. Not only what you mentioned above, but my hospital has part-time nurses going to full-time and some inactive RNs returning to the workforce. The "nursing shortage" was created by many RNs leaving the profession or going to part-time status, not because there weren't enough graduates. Those aforementioned RNs who are coming back to the profession (as a result of better working conditions) and hordes of new grads are going to make it a tight job market. I feel bad for someone who's just starting school; they may have a difficult time finding the job that they want.
  6. Nemhain

    Massage Therapy

    Maddie, I'll PM you.
  7. Nemhain

    Massage Therapy

    Maddie, If you look under "Article 2"Licensure; persons and activities not required to be licensed of the Arizona Massage Therapy Board's website, you will see where Licensed health care providers are exempt providing they do not identify themselves as a massage therapist.
  8. Nemhain

    Massage Therapy

    maddie, I was a massage therapist for 10 years before becoming a registered nurse, and yes, massage therapy IS within the scope of practice for RNs and has been for quite sometime. Actually, it is within the scope of practice for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, MDs and NDs as well. However, one cannot identify themselves as a massage therapist (in most states anyway) unless you hold a license saying so. Just as prescribing medication is within a nurse practitioner's scope of practice she can't call herself a Physician. That being said, however, I feel that someone who hasn't been to massage school isn't prepared enough to make a business of it.
  9. Nemhain

    U.S. Group Petitions FDA to Ban Darvon/ Davocet

    Yes, Ambien and Phenergan for anyone over 70...it seems to turn them all into psych patients! I can't tell you how many times I've seen people climb the walls with these two drugs.
  10. Nemhain

    Would you become a nurse today if you could do it over again?

    :rotfl: I with you!
  11. Nemhain

    Would you become a nurse today if you could do it over again?

    1) No, I wouldn't be a nurse again. 2) Yes, you should use your MPH.
  12. Holy Crap! (pun intended).
  13. Nemhain

    Too Many Nurses for Too Few Jobs in the Northeast

    I've been saying this for years as well. My unit has hired only 2 new graduates in the last year and none of the seasoned nurses are able to get any overtime. It will take a while, but hopefully those who are planning a nursing career will be wise to the RN job market upon graduating. The job market isn't what it was 3 or 4 years ago... that's for sure.
  14. Nemhain

    Nursing Surplus?

    Yep. At my hospital there is. We've benefited from the local schools hemorrhaging new graduates. We now fight over who gets to work overtime.
  15. I keep a line KVO if I'm going to hang another bag with in two hours during the day or within three hours at night. I find alot of times at night that the pt. would rather be KVO 'cause they don't want to be too disturbed with the flushing. I don't know why, but they don't seem to mind sleeping hooked up to the pump.