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  1. GIA373

    Re-entry program at Kwantlen University

    Thanks Cruzanita! I'm still deciding whether I should go through the whole 1 year program or not. There are just some things that I'm taking in consideration right now (e.g finances, lenghty time, etc) . Also, I am curious if how successful will the students be in securing an employment after taking the program? I have read an article about the program and it's somehow negative although it could be an isolated case. I am interested to hear about the experiences of those who have taken or who are still currently into the Re-entry program. Congratulations by the way for being a successful Canadian RN!
  2. GIA373

    Re-entry program at Kwantlen University

    My papers are still being assessed by the crnbc and I'm hoping to take the SEC before this year ends. The reason why I'm looking into option of taking the re-enrty program is because I have no work experience since I graduated two years ago. Based on what I read from the website of Kwantlen about their re-entry program it really sounds convincing.
  3. Hi guys! Is there anyone here who has taken the IEN Re-entry program at Kwantlen Polytechnic Uni.? Or do you know of anyone who has taken it or is currently enrolled? I'm considering of taking this course and I am desperate to know other people's experience and opinion about this course.. Please shed some light here... Thanks...