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  1. Hello. I am looking for a L&D job in Great Falls MT. Anyone out there currently work in the field and know anything about positions in the area? Do they take new Grads or do they require experience? Thanks in advance!
  2. mickey72

    Online Midwife Programs

    Thanks I found that one too but didn't see any others....anyone have any experience with Frontier?
  3. mickey72

    Online Midwife Programs

    Hello. I am looking for a Masters Midwife program that is all online. The state I live in does not offer any such program. Anyone know of a good one?
  4. mickey72

    Should I take the job?

    I'm in the same boat...would LOVE L&D but was offered med-surg. I would love to take it but I can't work nights because I have small kids and a military husband. Don't know what I would do with them at night if he's gone. I had a question too....when I interviewed with them I told them part time either days or evenings (3-11P) and they offered me fulltime nights (7p-7a) do you think that's rude? I would like a job but not at the expense of my family. So I told the nurse recruiter I would be willing to work the evening shift and reminded her that I said that during my interview. She went on to ask if I would work 6 weeks of days and then 6 weeks of nights....that really doesn't help my situation. I know they need nurses and I would like the experience but I am at a lose about how to handle this in a way that both the employer and I get a fair shake. How would you handle this situation? By the way, the hospital has several part time, day/evening jobs open.
  5. mickey72

    IBCLCers? Started down the road, anyone else?

    Thanks for the information...I just started the course online and have looked into volunteering locally but unfortunately there isn't a La Leche League here and I've emailed the WIC staff to volunteer but no response. I hadn't considered the IBCLC mentor route because I didn't know of any locally. I was going to do pathway 1 that required 1000 hours using healthcare related experience. I think based on my job options (hopeful of employment!) that will be the route for me. Are you using a mentor through volunteering?
  6. I agree. Having spousal support is important. I just finished nursing school, hubbie is in AF, we have three kiddos middle school to 18 months, the last was born during his deployment and smack dap in the middle of nursing school!!! You can do it just make sure your husband is behind you 100 percent!!!! Good luck!
  7. mickey72

    IBCLCers? Started down the road, anyone else?

    Me too...I just started an online nursing graduate course on Human Lactation. I am however having difficulty finding a way to gain experience. I recently graduated and have my RN and am actively pursuing employment. However, there aren't any L&D positions open at the hospital here. I did apply to a pediatric doc's office where I could use my experiences there to apply towards my cert if I get the job. How are you getting your experience?
  8. mickey72

    Air Force reserve nursing in Montana

    There aren't any AF reserve units near Malmstrom. There is however, the Montana Air National Guard at the airport but I'm not sure if they have a clinic or nurse positions.
  9. Hello. What's the general starting hourly pay for a new grad in Great Falls?
  10. mickey72

    is the BON in MT slow or fast?

    got my license yesterday...took about two and half weeks total to get my endorsement!