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Em CNA2RN has 5+ years experience and specializes in LTC, LTAC, REHAB, MED.ONC.

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY. Moved to Florida in 2007, will always be a New Yorker at heart. Working my way up to be a trauma or ICU Nurse

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  1. Em CNA2RN

    Your First Nursing Resume

    These are great suggestions. What do you suggest for some one who has been a CNA/PCT for many years and is now applying for their first RN position?? How much detail should I include about this prior healthcare experience?? I feel like I want to demonstrate I'm not totally new to healthcare, but that I understand I'm still a brand new RN.
  2. Em CNA2RN

    Is it normal that my school doesn't teach us IVs?

    I'm surprised some nursing schools do not teach how to insert Foley's or IV'S . I learned how to insert Foley's , do blood draws, and D/C saline looks in PCT school. At my nursing school we are going to learn Foley and IV insertion during the second quarter. We'll practice on dummies during lab. Though I'm not sure if we will be allowed to do them on actual patients during clinicals.
  3. Em CNA2RN

    Stupid, lazy, or ADHD?

    I could have written this word for word. It feels great to know I'm not the only one. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if I'm asking too much from others to try to understand how my brain works.
  4. Em CNA2RN

    The worst job you had before becoming a Nurse?

    I've worked all types of "service" jobs over the years, retail, fast food, receptionist, customer services phone rep etc. I have been a CNA for over 7 years, and currently a nursing student. I can honestly say the worst job I have ever had is my current CNA job. Today the census on our medical oncology floor was 28. We had 6 rn's and 3 aids. Charge nurse tells me and another aid if we don't get another admit before midnight I'm sending a CNA home. I say well the staffing grid calls for 3 aids at 27 patients. According to staffing grid a nurse is supposed supposed to go home, there are 2 nurses with only 4 patients, the rest of them are at 5 (max pt. to nurse ratio 6:1) She says well what if the ER starts sending people up. I'm like exactly each aid will already be at 14, then having to deal with new patients too, and I'll have at least 3 nurses to assist. She says well that doesn't matter. I had to walk away cause the next thing's out of my mouth would have gotten me fired. She just told me I didn't matter. Between 4-6:30 am I'm expected to get vitals on all my patients,empty all the foleys, garbages give at least 3 bed baths, check blood sugars (had 6). Make sure all my I&O'S and baths are charted. I had 2 neutropenic chemo patients one is puking the other has the runs and insists on walking to the bathroom making a mess every time. Oh let's not forget the positive TB patient. And to top it all off she told the house supervisor the aid volunteered to go home!!! Sorry this turned into a vent but if I didn't let it out I was gonna explode.
  5. Em CNA2RN

    Florida CNA's

    I've been handing in applications everywhere I know of in my area and haven't heard anything either. Luckily I'm still employed, even though I absolutely hate my job (retail) Now they are cutting hours, went from working 35 to 20 hours a week if I'm lucky. Getting really frustrated really fast. There are just soooo many people applying for these positions. Hopefully things will turn around doris very soon.Can anybody tell me anything about Oak Hill Hospital in Hernando county ?? Work environment, length of shift (8 or 12hrs)- thinking of handing in an application, at this point what do I have to loose...
  6. I'm looking into the RN programs offered at my local community college. They offer an Associate in the Science of Nursing and an LPN to Rn Associates Degree in Nursing. I Have been out of school for years now and am not familiar with the ASN. I was looking for an Associates program. So whats the difference ?? Whats with the two different degree names and how if any affect does it have on employment opportunities once I graduate. I just don't want to have it be a waste of time if in the end if it will not be worth it. :thnkg: TIA Emily
  7. Em CNA2RN

    Challenging CNA exam..help please?

    I took the test on 8/15 in Spring Hill FL. We did the skills portion first. I had ROM right leg, weight, and dressing patient with right affected side. There was a room @ the test sight that was set up like a patients room - hospital bed, chair, bedside cabinet, sink- All the supplies we needed were in the room. We went in 2 @ a time one person played the pt and the other did the skills. Skills like peri care dressing patient bed bath urinary output are done on dummy. Then you switch roles, but each person gets their own set of skills. You find out if you passed a couple of minutes after you and your partner are done. After everyone is done then we did the written. The written is pretty easy similar to the prometric practice test, maybe just tiny bit harder. There were only 4 computers at our test sight and 8 of us testing so we were there all day.You find out if you passed the written once you click on done. Hope this answered your questions GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
  8. Em CNA2RN

    Florida CNA's

  9. Em CNA2RN

    Florida CNA's

    Hi everyone, I passed my CNA test on 8/15. I just wanted to know if anyone has any idea howlong it takes to get your certification in the mail from the florida BON? I had all my info (fingerprints, background check) done weeks before my test . TIA
  10. Em CNA2RN

    Challenging CNA exam..help please?

    LONG POST BUT HOPE IT HELPS 8-)I challenged and passed the cna test in florida on 8/15. I was a nervous wreck but it was actually easier than I thought It would be. My advise to anyone planning to challenge the exam is to watch the videos posted here, go to the prometric website and print up the outline of the skills. Make sure you know these particular steps, the tester is specifically looking for these. I also brought a cna text book from amazon, it was only about $12. There were also helpful videos on youtube.Now on the actual test date talk yourself through the steps out loud it helps a lot. Take your time and dont be afraid to correct yourself if you make a mistake. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Em CNA2RN

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    I passed my test on 8/15 Yay!!!!!! I challenged the test in florida, was a nervous wreck . Buy it was easier than I thought. Now on to job hunting! Congrats to everyone else who passed and those of you still waiting sending lots and lots of luck your way :-P
  12. Em CNA2RN

    Just a few more skills exam q's, I promise! :)

    hi everyone I will be taking my skills exam in florida this saturday. It seems like the closer I get to the exam date the more questions I seem to have. I know this is probably mostly nerves. But my question is do you actually do the hand washing with every skill, or do you do the hand washing once and can just say "now I would wash my hands" to the tester afterward thanks in advance and good luck to everyone I will be praying for is all

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