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  1. hey everyone! I was wondering if you can apply to take the licensure by exam not in your home state. I will be moving to CO and starting a job about a month and a half after graduation and want to no if i can just apply for license by exam for CO but went to school in FL (my school is nat'l accredited). Also will it take longer sine I am out of state to get my info to sign up for the NCLEX? Thanks!

  2. Hey I wanted to find out what the average PRN hourly rate is in Colorado. I know you dont get benefits but you get paid more and wante dto find out about how much you make. Also being PRN about how many hrs do you get? I know it changes but I know alot of places PRN get just as many hours as FT. Thanks for any info you can give me!


  3. Hey I wanted to find out if jobs in Colorado springs are hard to come by like denver? Also do you know of any rehab hospital? I am graduating in Dec and am a nurse tech at a rehab hospital and would love to stay if rehab if I can... Thx for your help!

  4. I'm not going to move to CO without a job in place. It is actually really hard to get a job where I am in FL and a lot of FL. I'm going to pray I can get a job in Co but If I can't I'm going to go where ever I can get a job to get some experience.

  5. Ya i am going to see if I could do the hospital on base but I don't know since Im not married to him. Look into the new nurse programs in colorado they put ppl in all departments. I don't really care what dept I am in I just want to start and once I have a yr or 2 of expierence I will try and get a job in ICU or peds. Keep me updated on everything that happens!!

  6. Hey everyone!! I actually have not graduated but will Grad Dec 2010 with my ADN. I am going to be moving to Buckley AFB with my BF and want to know anything and everything about getting jobs and the area. I wanted to start early and figure some things out now. I am going to try to get a job next semester as a PCT so i will have some experience. Also, I am from FL so after I pass the NCLEX would I get my FL license first then get my CO. I am so lost about how that works. Any help would be great thanks!!!


  7. when u 1st get to evolve website i think you have to click on add new course and thats when u enter the code given to you in the email and then it will have u make a username and password. They dont send you the user name and password you create it

  8. med term test is 50 q's mult choice...it shouldnt be to hard at all as long as you know like the word root and how it combines...if you know the flashcards u can put any word together. What book is used for concepts, pharm and techniques?? that is a **** ton of reading is that all we have to read b4 the class?

  9. I dont have access to my classes online yet thru blackboard...so can someone tell me if we have books to study from what to study bc i really wanna start studyin...would anyone be interested in forming a group to study?? I like studyin w ppl and live in southside??

  10. I am in section 3!!! i have florida pre paid and bright futures whichshould cover eveything and give me a refund...so please tell me how i owe 200 when at a university i got around six hundred back every semester lol. i calld pre plan today and fccj never sent the bill over to florida pre paid no wonder i owe two hundred lol. well they didnt want to listen to me since im young and in college so hopefully my mom can talk some sense into them!