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  1. FutureFlNurse

    Baptist Hospital Scholars Program - Miami

    :heartbeat Hi there. I am in my second semester as a Baptist scholar. You have to be accepted into a nursing program before you can apply for Baptist. Once you are accepted, you apply and go through the interview process. The schools they are giving this option to are Fla. Keys Community College, Miami Dade, Barry and Nova. If you get the AS degree with MDC or Fl Keys you are bound to a contract of 2 yrs and if you get BSN with Barry or Nova you owe them 3 years of work. The school they do not pay in full is Barry. They give you 20K for that one. I encourage you to contact the scholars office to make sure this is current information since things are subject to change from semester to semester and info here may be a little outdated. I also encourage you to apply to as many programs as you can, Baptist, UM or whichever. I am sure they all their pros and cons, but ultimately if this is what you really want to do you have to go in with an open mind and have plan a, b, and c. Please remember that although it is great to come on here and get an idea of how things are, everyone is different and their experiences are different. What may not be so great for someone else may turn out to be a great experience for you. Best of luck to you and everyone else on here trying to get into a program. :heartbeat
  2. FutureFlNurse

    MDC Spring 2010

    Good luck with your interviews!
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    You can try applying for the Baptist hospital scholars program or try fastweb for other scholarships...
  4. Hi, I am currently in the program. We owe Baptist 3 yrs of employment when we complete our BSN. The students in our class have associate degrees but are not RNs. We have one LPN in our class. Baptist is currently expanding and has a hospital scheduled to open in West Kendall in a year. Let me know if I can help you with anything.
  5. FutureFlNurse

    Baptist Hospital Scholars Program - Miami

    Hi Tatortots! Thank you. Well, you apply for the scholarship once you have been accepted into the nursing program. It's hard to say what they are looking for. I heard that they do not stress GPA too much since they know it is hard enough to get into nursing school and so that covers the academic part. You would interview with a panel of nurses and they all ask you questions that I guess would reflect on your personality and work ethic. It's more like a job interview since you will have a three year contract to work for them once you graduate. Best of luck to you!
  6. FutureFlNurse

    Barry University

    Sorry, I Asira, I just noticed you replied to that question. That is the same book I used...
  7. FutureFlNurse

    Barry University

    Hi! My friend still has the book so I don't have the isbn, but here is a link to the book on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Evolve-Reach-Admission-Assessment-Review/dp/1416056351
  8. FutureFlNurse

    Barry University

    I think the book coincided a lot with the test. But it was more like a refresher, it had general concepts, nothing too in detail. That is how I saw it, but it may be different for others. I used the book and let a friend use it as well and both of us did pretty well, I think it's worth buying.
  9. FutureFlNurse

    Barry University

    Hi ladies. I took the test last month. The book they recommend to prepare helped me. The test contains Math, Reading comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Critical Thinking, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology. There is also a personality profile. Best of luck! :)