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  1. Lakmdk

    Rationale for fluid and electrolyte replacement therapy

    It sounds like you understand the reasons for the additional fluid and electrolytes but elderly patients are more likely to develope extracellular fluid volume excess due to chronic diseases (renal, cardiac, etc.). For scientific rational I would look up homeostasis in the geriatric patient. If your patient does indeed have an infection, this would contribute to her confused behavior (NDX Altered Mental Status). You most closely monitor her response to antibiotic, espechially with regard to renal function. GI function can also be compromised with antibiotics and diarrhea is common.
  2. Lakmdk

    Does this make sense to anyone out here?

    In New Jersey LPN's are rarely used in a hospital setting. You will find LPN's in long term care facility or acute rehab centers. In my opinion if it is only going to take you an extra semester, go for the RN. I would then get a job in a hospital that will reinburse you for tuition and go for your BSN, MSN. This will make you more marketable and advancement will go quicker in the long run. If money is an issue, try to get a job in your local hospital as an aid while your going to school-most hospitals will hire new nurses from within thier own facility.
  3. Lakmdk

    Nursing knowledge please!

    SCD's are for the prevention of DVT and VRE. If the Physcian thought the diagnosis was a blood clot, he wouldn't have ordered them, since they must be ordered by the doctor himself after the nurses' assesment