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  1. B_OTT

    Want To Become A Navy Nurse

    Thanks for the reply that is great news. Sounds like you have had a lot of great opportunities so far. One more thing, if you or any other nurse can shed some light on rankings. Is it all based on years in. I know you can either go in as o-1 or o-2(if you have enough previous experience) but when I looked at the navy website it seemed like it was a mix between years in and education. Can a regular RN(not CRNA or NP) make it all the way to o-6 if they put in over 20 years?
  2. B_OTT

    Want To Become A Navy Nurse

    sbush86 What is the most preferred specialty for getting on a ship? Did you ask for/volunteer or were you just placed there? Only ask because I will have some ICU experience prior to having my BSN and I would love to have the experience of being stationed on a ship but from what I read elsewhere there is only 1 RN and it is only on aircraft carriers and then however many total are on the comfort and mercy so seems like it could be really hard to end up on one.
  3. B_OTT

    Want To Become A Navy Nurse

    Can a navy nurse explain to me how what base you are stationed at. You go to recruiting and you guarantee your minimum right. But I read someone say you are deployed for one 6 month time. Is deployed only considered being abroad? So if you ended up on a base abroad you wouldnt be moved? Also what if you want to strictly stay on a ship for x amount of years? Is that possible?
  4. B_OTT

    Traveling without a tax home

    I am trying to figure out how tax advantages work exactly. I know the criteria for a tax home and do not plan on having one so no need to repeat what it takes to have one. I planned on being on constant different assignments with agency placing me in extended stay/small apartment at each assignment. Without tax advantage will it be just like making a normal wage, staying at one hospital, and paying taxes as I normally would? Is the pay any higher in this case or is travel nursing advantage entirely dependent on tax advantage? I was considering just purchasing a home and having a family member live there for half mortgage(much less than rent would be for them) but not claiming they pay anything. Also when you have a tax home the agency still sets you up in extended stay/small apartment correct?
  5. B_OTT

    Is anyone here starting Valencia RN program in Fall 2013?

    Are people able to get on the nursing 1 course blackboard? Im able to sign in to blackboard however I see nothing in terms of nursing. Need to print out the syllabus for tomorrow
  6. B_OTT

    Is anyone here starting Valencia RN program in Fall 2013?

    They have not made it available to us yet as you have to be a part of the nursing program to see it. I believe after they change your program from pending nursing to just nursing you will be able to see it.
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  8. Well look how strong and cool you are OP, you sure showed the guy who you know nothing about but his physical appearance. We can all only hope to be as empathetic and non judgmental as you People have breaking points and the poo was his. He gave it a try and it was not for him. Grow up and get off your high horse
  9. B_OTT

    Is anyone here starting Valencia RN program in Fall 2013?

    I just got bumped up from fall to summer. Make sure you give this a try. Start in 2 months which is very soon.
  10. Can someone aware me on what this is? I did not see anything in the application packet. Letter for intent when we have yet to receive our acceptance/rejection letters?
  11. I applied for CCD ADN program and yesterday received this as part of the letter The Community College of Denver has examined how it can best address the nursing workforce needs in the greater Denver area. We have learned that the hiring of Associate Degree Registered Nurses in many of the area acute care hospitals has significantly reduced in favor of nurses with a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing. This change has also resulted in a drastic reduction in clinical sites for our nursing students. These changes have impacted CCD's ability to provide the level of student learning experiences required for a quality graduate. In an effort to support the current workforce nursing needs in the greater Denver area, the Community College of Denver is pleased to announce its plans for supporting these needs. Starting in the fall 2011-2012 academic year, CCD will offer three educational options supporting community workforce nursing needs: * The Nurse Aide Certificate * The Practical Nurse Certificate * The Pathway to a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing The Nurse Aid Certificate and the Practical Nurse Certificate have been an educational option for many years and both programs maintain excellent reputations in the community. The Pathway to a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing is a new offering about which we are excited. This pathway is in partnership with a local university and will allow CCD students to complete the first two years of the BSN degree at CCD and will ensure them admittance into a Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Program. The BSN better addresses the hiring practices of acute care hospitals in the Greater Denver area and will better position our students in the profession of nursing. If you are interested in learning more about this option please let us know. This change means the Community College of Denver will no longer offer the Associate Degree in Nursing as a degree option. No students will be admitted to the Associate Degree Nursing Program for the fall of 2011. The decision not to continue the Associate Degree in Nursing program was a difficult decision and involved input from Nursing Faculty & Staff and CCD Administration, as well as CCCS Administration & Board. I called them to ask about the pathway to BSN program but they said they do not currently have a 4 year college working with them.
  12. B_OTT

    Biomedical Equiptment Tech.

    So I have been doing some research on jobs that I may be interested in besides nursing to make sure I am getting into what I want. Anyways I have found some interest in biomedical equipment tech. and was wondering if there are any schools in colorado offering training for this career? If so can someone provide the link, I want to learn more on the program. Cheers!
  13. B_OTT

    Health careers besides nursings

    I was actually looking into that, but one thing confused me. One program says medical assisting, certified and the other says medical assisting, clinical. Which would be the better choice? differences between the two?
  14. B_OTT

    Health careers besides nursings

    So lately I have been second guessing my decision to become a nurse. I am still pretty set on it but I want to make sure I am making the right choice before I go into the two year program. So my question is, are there any one year certificates(besides LPN) that pay decent(around LPN pay)?
  15. B_OTT

    CMC nursing school

    I was wondering if anyone knows what GPA is usually accepted for CMC breackenridge or Glennwood? Is it so competitive that without a 3.8+ you wont get accepted? Also what other things are considered in the competitive schools besides GPA? Thanks