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    Help Please!!!

    Today has not been the best of days as I've been running around trying to get in touch with the Department heads about taking Micro. and AP1. Some background, I completed a semester of General Bio. back in college and started Chemistry, then withdraw after I changed my major from biochem. to something else. The community college where I want to take these classes requires a years of college biology and one semester of chemistry. Just spoke with department head and she said no; I didn't have a chance to explain the reasoning and motivation behind my wanting to take these classes. On top of all that, I know won't be able to take neither one this fall and I'm applying to several Accel. BSN programs and really wanted those grades to be submitted along with my app. My entire plan has just gone up in smoke. How did you all deal with AP1 and micro., did you need prereqs. for those and if so did you just take a yr. of bio and chem.? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks!