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    Help Please!!!

    Today has not been the best of days as I've been running around trying to get in touch with the Department heads about taking Micro. and AP1. Some background, I completed a semester of General Bio. back in college and started Chemistry, then withdraw after I changed my major from biochem. to something else. The community college where I want to take these classes requires a years of college biology and one semester of chemistry. Just spoke with department head and she said no; I didn't have a chance to explain the reasoning and motivation behind my wanting to take these classes. On top of all that, I know won't be able to take neither one this fall and I'm applying to several Accel. BSN programs and really wanted those grades to be submitted along with my app. My entire plan has just gone up in smoke. How did you all deal with AP1 and micro., did you need prereqs. for those and if so did you just take a yr. of bio and chem.? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    GWU is now offering a 15-month Accelerated BSN program starting this fall. I'm not sure if it's nationally accredited though. This link gives more details about the new program: http://www.gwumc.edu/healthsci/programs/bsn/, but not a lot of information such as prereqs., deadlines, application. I couldn't find much on the website, called and left a message with the representative who handles the new program, but haven't heard back. For some reason, I thought I had come across it before, but maybe not. Any who, has anyone applied to this program or is thinking of going either this yr or 2010.
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    Taking prereqs and applying spring 2010 for fall 2010

    hi everyone! thought i join in on the discussion. i've been lurking allnurses for quite sometime. great place to get a wealth of information. looking into the accelerated bsn programs myself. currently taking: development psych fall 2009 schedule will hopefully consist of: ap i, micro., nutrition spring 2010: ap ii, maybe ethics and stats (need to check college transcripts for grades on those) i'm in the washington, dc area. i'm pretty sure i'll be applying to around 5 or 6 accel. bsn programs: virginia commonwealth (vcu), george mason u. (gmu), georgetown, hopkins (jhu), emory. anyone else here applying to the same ones!? it would be good to share thoughts on the schools. overall, i'm very excited about nursing school! long term, i would like to be a critical care nurse inthe navy (or airforce) and eventually a crna! can't wait to get there. :-) gemini

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