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katgirl46806 has 11 years experience and specializes in LPN.

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  1. katgirl46806

    Concerns with brand new nurses

    I just want to say that I attended the same school the OP attended-Brown Mackie only it was in Fort Wayne,IN.Our instructors were excellent I learned alot alot from this school. The clinicals were good all depending on the instructor not the school.Granted the teachers are employed by the school however they are still human and have their fallacies.I think what school you graduated from is important yes but its the attitude and the willingness to learn of that particular nurse is whats important.Yes these quckie programs spit out lots of students but just because you graduated doesnt make you a LPN-you still have to pass boards.Which as we all know is a miracle to do because alot of q's on the test and how its worded is extremely difficult so evidently nurses are learning from these quick programs.I wouldnt necessary lump all grads into one pile-every nurse has been "green" and had to get on the job learning experience to get seasoned.Saying your school sucks and didnt have a good progrm is like biting the hand that fed you-you wouldn't be where you are without their assistance.Not trying to criticize but I can see why people thinks its judgemental from your post.
  2. katgirl46806

    Help Please!New LPNPlease Reply!

    Thanks for your replies.I decided Im not going to do it at least until i have 1 day orientation-thats just common sense but I also heard they willl do that to new hires/grads, but at least most people said they had 3 days.I also have a sneaky suspicion im going to have a very short orientation.The nurse I'm replacing is going prn-I wonder if there's a reason for that.I was hired for 3rd but today they were like oh by the way 2nd may be best for you being a new grad. because third can be overwhelming to a new grad.Maybe she doesnt know Im a new grad it was the 3rd shift nurse afterall.I was just surprised to get a call so soon.Technically I just became anew employee less than 24 hours ago!
  3. katgirl46806

    Help Please!New LPNPlease Reply!

    Well I just got hired for my first lpn job and what seems to be a really nice facility.I JUST did orientation today which was going over policy procedures,HIPAA W2s, what have you.Well tonight I got a phone call asking me if I wanted to work on 2nd from 6-1030 pm on the wing I'm going to be trained on on Monday which I was told is the heaviest hall infact they run 3nurses/4 aides on both 1st and 2nd.2nd is going to be my normal shift. However my concern is 1-I dont know the residents.2-I dont know their documentation and what is expected 3 I repeat I am a new nurse!Oh and this LTC which Ive heard the horror stories.However I am eager to get my feet wet however I dont want to make an error,or possibly harm a patient. I dont want to lose my license before I use it.Has this happened to anyone-to work without orientation.Seems dangerous to me and what should I do.Please,please reply!
  4. katgirl46806

    LPN/LVN rate of pay in your area.

    Hi new LPN grad here in Fort Wayne,IN have 11 years LTC as a CNA anyone knows average starting pay for new Lpn
  5. katgirl46806

    friday test when wiil i get results

    Are you from Indiana?I took my exam on April 20th. I found out I passed on Wednesday,April 22, and my license # was up on the BON (Board of Nursing)Friday morning.I also got my official license in the mail on Friday as well.My classmate took her test on Thursday,her quick results she found out on Saturday.Hopes this helps somewhat sems pretty quick. Also according to my license it wwas issued on the 21st which is infuriating because hat means the BON knows in 24 hours!
  6. katgirl46806

    nclex test scared me

    I know NCLEX-PN was the worst test I've taken in my life and I've never felt as bad after taking a test as I did with this test. I guess I was overwhelmed bcause this test it was determines if you can become a nurse not what type of nurse you will be. Because we've made it through school, worked hard at our clinicals and eventually graduated. It seems that we should have an NCLEX like test to test out of school and be able to graduate as a nurse as opposed to the standard way. It can be distressing to someone who does really well in school and fail this test to only beat themselves up and doubt all of their achievements. Good luck to all that take this test and many blessings in your career.
  7. katgirl46806

    Anxiety r/o Nclex-RN

    Wishing you good luck on the test!:nuke:
  8. katgirl46806

    Help!!I took NCLEX yesterday.....

    Hi its me again!I just want u guys to know i passed NCLEX-PN and to Thank You for your support and optimism and insight. I just want others to not give up hope and know that u can do it!On a side note the waiting for results its like torture!I wonder do the Nursing Boards know how much anxiety and anguish this causes test-takers and I wonder will it change in the future without disrupting the integrity of the testing process.
  9. katgirl46806

    I passed the nclex-pn! Woo Hoo!

    Congratulations!!!I did it too!:clpty:
  10. katgirl46806

    I passed NCLEX!!!

    :yeah:Thank you!!
  11. katgirl46806

    I passed NCLEX!!!

    Hello everybody!I just want to thank those for your support.I passed NCLEX-PN with 85 questions!I admit I was a nervous wreck and for sure I failed but once again THANK YOU!!!
  12. katgirl46806

    Help!!I took NCLEX yesterday.....

    Thank you for replying and congratulations!!
  13. katgirl46806

    Help!!I took NCLEX yesterday.....

    Thank you for the optimism but i sadly dont feel that way but ill wait and see it can go either way
  14. katgirl46806

    Help!!I took NCLEX yesterday.....

    I posted a thread similar to this but i don't know where it is lol im new to the board.But my question is is it normal to get a lot of drugs on the NCLEX-PN I mean honestly I got about at least 20 in some form of the other.Hardly any thing dealing directly with patients 1 math,hardly any OB/PEDS,or psych.I mean I got a lot of drugs!!Alot because I hear of you get a similar question over and over again you're not doing well. I'm convinced I failed because after a while whenever I saw a drug questions I froze up,got angry,anxious and frustrated.Got a ton of SATA,few questions about Addison's of all disease conditions. Alot of "If a nurse went to a conference...." and risk factors for such and such cancer. I mean the test felt more like a survey than anything.But my thing was alot of of drug questions I kid you not this was a much larger percentage than I anticipated. I feel upset because I did really well in school, on Saunders and to think that I might've flunked because of drugs I never ever even heard of and expected to know side effects. I also got a lot of MRSA and VRE questions that didn't make sense because the answers were too simple or didn't make sense at least to me.But it was the amount of drug questions!!!God I am so angry and even reisgned to the fact that I failed because the next one can't be that bad.I mean I know unequivically that I flunked. Give me lab values any time over drugs!How can they determine a nurse competency based on the questions that I had? I was expecting more delegation and priortizing which I got some, and what to do if such and such occured. I'm probably the rare poster that was more ****** off(excuse my language) at the test than devastated.Any advice?
  15. katgirl46806

    Help!!I took NCLEX yesterday.....

    Hi is their anyone out here that can answer this question. I took my NCLEX-PN yesterday and I instantly froze up. As the test progressed, I was getting more and more of drug questions. I mean I got alot at least 20 in some form of the other.Is that excessive or unusual? i hear that more type of questions you were getting were the ones you were doing bad on but I'm upset because the test didn't seem to ask me hardly anything pertaining to actually hands on nursing. I got more "Nurse at a conference, what information should she give....", and risk factors for cancer,a ton of SATA. The minute I finished I was like I failed , I know I did because my questions were like seriuosly hard.A lot of MRSA,VRE precaution that had answers that didn't make any sense or appeared too simple. Now I'm a nervous wreck because I did really good in school and felt the test didn't ask about anything I actually am going to do or experience. I had one math,hardly any peds/ob or psych,.The questions wer alot of drugs i mean a TON of drugs.Can anyone tell me what's this means. I've already said I know I failed just to take the sting out of it and the next test can't be this bad.