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  1. Jdog19s

    Need Advice. CRNA for me?? Low GPA

    Even if they don't care that you didn't do so well on your sciences, many schools do want certain courses to be within the last 5 years, so also check on that when you call the schools you are interested in. As far as the current gpa goes, I had a 3.3 and was accepted on my first try, so I'm a big fan of you going for it. You'll have to decide for yourself if you want to share your reasons for withdrawing, however as uncomfortable as it may be for you, I'd just tell them the truth cause its the best way to make them just ignore those W's- Good luck
  2. Jdog19s

    Financial Aid/Loans-How to survive financially

    I can't help you with the florida information you need as I am in CRNA school in the northeast. However, I too have 40k in undergrad debt and have signed for an additional 100k for my grad school costs and living expenses, even after saving 20,000 to live on. It is possible, even with a child (even though I dont have one, but my friends in the program do). I'd say that the amount of money you and I will owe is on the upper end of what many people come out owing, atleast in my program, but there are also some people I know who will owe over 200k- so I keep thinking, it could be worse. IF you want the career as bad as it seems you do, it's a small price to pay for a lifetime of financial security and a better life for your family, as well as a very cool career. Good luck with the florida search for stipends- it seems there are less of these offers available these days, but they are still out there! Justin
  3. Jdog19s

    Study tips please

    Can you study enough on the weekends to keep up, so you can cut back during the clinical week? We are all tired- some more than others depending on how late their site keeps them and how much work there school requires but most of us study/prepare for clinical during the week, and study for class on friday through sunday. This gets most of us in bed by 8 or 9 and up at 430 am and it seems to be okay. Again, this requires not much of a good time on your weekends because all of your work will be crammed in. None of my friends are on any medications to stay up at this point so I can't help you there- unless you consider extensive amounts of coffee a drug!
  4. Jdog19s

    Anesthesia-High Stress

    Speaking from a students perspective, I am far more stressed out providing anesthesia than I was recovering open heart patients. Perhaps it is because in the ICU you have plenty of nurses to help you make decisions, and now you have to make them quickly and independently. However, who knows if you will feel the same way I do, and also, maybe after you have done anesthesia for awhile you are much more relaxed.. I'm not sure. I've only been giving anesthesia for 2 months as a student-
  5. Jdog19s

    CRNA Jobs?

    Just a correction to an above post, The mandatory doctorate for advanced practice nursing doesn't go into effect for nurse anesthesia until 2025. It is still 2015 for nurse practitioners- just to clarify
  6. Jdog19s

    Health Insurance for SRNAs

    What does overpriced mean? I bought catastrophic insurance for 4500/year, and my school offers a comprehensive plan for 2500/year. I was in Maine when I had the catastrophic insurance and I believe that you can only buy insurance from your own state at this point and i'm sure the prices will vary depending on where you live.
  7. Jdog19s

    If you could be accepted anywhere...where would it be and why?

    I like the idea of VCU, but my wife wouldn't move south. It was only NE schools as options for me, so Northeastern University ranked highest on the list and had some great hospitals to offer for experience. I heard rumor that Barry University accepts a lot of students, but I also heard the fail out rate is pretty high- maybe because its in Miami ..again, that was just a rumor and I have no evidence to back it up.. but its important to know what percent of students starting each school actually finish. Goodluck- they all get you to the same place in the end :)
  8. Jdog19s

    paying for CRNA school

    I can tell you that the incomes are declining. I believe the most recent report shows a drop in pay of 6.3%. I have 1.5 years left of school but have been keeping track of the job market all along because as the previous poster has said, I'm gonna be in a lot of debt and need to have some way to pay it all back. In the last month, I have watched most of the employers I have been watching drop their pay by 10,000/year, and I have seen the number of jobs on a popular anesthesia job site in my preferred state of employment drop from 20 available jobs to 7. In the long run, I'm sure for me it will all be worth it no matter what happens, but for some of my friends that have more debt than me- they think they will pretty much still take home RN salary with the amount of loans they are going to have. Savings are crucial these days I believe.
  9. Jdog19s

    paying for CRNA school

    Yep, you can definitely try that route too.. I know they still exist, but they are harder to find related to the current state of our economy. Not that you would want to think of this possibility, but just make sure before you sign one of those contracts that you would have some way of paying back whatever money they have given you if you were unfortunate enough to not make it through a program, and look over the contract very carefully before signing- good luck
  10. Jdog19s

    paying for CRNA school

    Apply for the grad plus loan.. its federal although is based off your credit. Otherwise, if you can prove you need more money some of my friends have been able to get more stafford loan money than the usual 20,500...but not always a guarantee.. otherwise- beg family. Or you could get married and hope your significant other has great credit-that worked for me :)
  11. Jdog19s

    Low census...please help!!

    In our unit, we go in order of who was sent home last or who was given the day off last during low census days. If a 7a to 7p person is at work and 3 pm comes around and you have 3 new nurses coming in, but the 7a to 7p person is on top of the list when compared with the 3 new nurses for going home early, then she is offered to go home first, if she declines then you move on down the list. If you send home the 7 pm-7 am person and then a 3 am nurse is coming in later but would be on top of the list, I would not call back in the 7 pm nurse- that would be rediculous and unfair, not to mention it would bring in a nurse for 4 hours to cover the 3 am to 7 am shift and then you change nurses again and its not good for continuity of care. Once someone is put on call or off, they are only called in if the patient situation changes, not if there is a change to which nurse is coming in or leaving. I'm sure the 3 am nurses will not like that rule as it is more likely that patient ratios change during the evening shift and not the night shift, but then again they signed up for the shift they have and can try to find a different time slot if they would like- For the 3 am nurses, perhaps they will be on top of the list when the 7 am people are coming in and they can end there shift early-but calling people in who are already home so another nurse can leave or not come in is never a good idea- hope that helps
  12. Jdog19s

    Acute/critical care requirements

    If you are an RN, you can work in critical care. Depending on the unit, they may require some experience on a step down unit, however if you are willing to move around you can probably find an ICU/CCU/CSU, etc willing to take on a new grad. Some people believe you are a better ICU nurse after some floor experience first. You do not need to have an MSN to work in an ICU. I'd say the average age in my program is between 28 and 30, with the youngest around 26 and oldest of 43. We have experience ranging from 2 years of ICU to 10 years of ICU, but it seems that most people had around 4-5 years of ICU experience prior to being accepted into school. Good luck
  13. No way, stay in the class and do the best you can. I got a C+ in my undergraduate pharmacology course. It was 1 of 2 C's that I received in my undergrad degree, it was also a tough course. Don't be so afraid of a B or a B+, if you really want to show the graduate schools what you can do, after you graduate and while you are getting your years of ICU experience, take an advanced pharmacology course in a masters level nursing program and work really hard to get an A. It will be a lot easier when you can focus on one class, and when you have some hands on experience to apply to the classroom setting. Not to mention, some schools will take that credit and transfer it in towards your CRNA credits when you get accepted. That is what I did and was accepted in my top choice school. Keep on working hard, and get A's in everything else that you can, I'm sure it will all work out-
  14. Jdog19s

    filing bankruptcy and CRNA

    Do you have prior financial aid from the federal government? Its almost a guarantee they won't give you any federal aid if end up not paying back previous federal loans I believe. So I think it won't stop you from getting into school, it will just make it unaffordable.
  15. Jdog19s

    Working full time as a CRNA student

    My school encourages you to work for the first year of didactic- Only one person tried to do 36 hours, I'm doing 24 hours, and other people are working usually less than 2 shifts a week. When clinical starts, I havent heard of anyone surviving while working more than 16 hours in a month.