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  1. mrsrd27

    Remedial Education for failed boards

    Do you know of any remedial education offereings in the state of IL?
  2. mrsrd27

    So Confused!!! Please Advise

    so here is my unique story. i graduated with adn with high honors in may 2005 from the state of illinois. since i was here on a student visa, i was not allowed to work after i graduated. i was able to attempt the nclex-rn exam however before leaving usa. i failed that attempt. 3 years later, i am back as a green card holder. i have my permanent residency now. yipeeeee..... but it seems like i cannot attempt the nclex-rn exam without a remedial course since it has been over 3 years since i applied to take the nclex-rn (dec 2005). i have searched high and low for a remedial course for nurse graduates in illinois. i cannot find a program. i have tried contacting the board of nursing in illinois but my calls go to automated machines. i am hoping to use my associated degree in nursing to put towards a bs in nursing but all school need a current rn license for an rn-bsn program. does anybosy have any idea how i can be eligible again to attempt the nclex-rn exam. how can i use my associates degree to better my career? pleae help