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  1. Hi everyone! I just want to ask the differences in the nursing profession between the US(particularly in Texas) and New Zealand? I want to know the workload and how is the work environment in both places. I recently passed the NCLEX and I am about to start my CAP Course too. I cannot decide on whether I should start applying on agencies to process my work papers for US or should I wait and see how it will go for me in NZ? If there is anyone here who experienced working on both places, can you please tell what are the pros and cons working as a nurse in these countries?
  2. ninakarel

    TX Identogo Fast Pass Fingerprinting

    @kimmy0625 send an e-mail requesting for fingerprint card to BON. Their e-mail address in webmasters@bon.texas.gov I got my fingerprint card after almost a month.
  3. ninakarel

    Verification of License from Saudi Arabia

    Hi! Can I give the forms personally to their office? As for my license, will I give them a photocopy of my ID or the photocopy of saudi license certificate?
  4. ninakarel

    Win $100! May 2015 Caption Contest

    How come he's still so energetic when he came from the graveyard shift?
  5. ninakarel

    TX Identogo Fast Pass Fingerprinting

    Hi! I have the same problem as yours. Did you still pay through a credit card?