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  1. Wish there was a way to cull selectively
  2. I'm SO proud of her for standing up for her rights. But it's ludicrous that the hospital is actually defending Day and basically encouraging this kind of behavior! I bet Day was laughing his a$s off about the $20,000 fine. That's just peanuts to him, that pr!ck.
  3. porkfat

    Calif. doctor loses license in sweaty-palm surgery cases

    I wonder why Octomom's doctor is getting away scot-free...
  4. porkfat

    Chocolate study volunteers wanted

    I want the standard chocolate! :)
  5. porkfat

    I Passed Nclex 2nd time as time expired at 200!!

    Congratulations! :)
  6. porkfat

    please update the list of hospital requirments

    Wow, thanks for the info! :)
  7. porkfat

    ielts review materials

    You're right mommyrina, I guess it's all about doing what works best for you :)
  8. porkfat

    Need some nursing piece of advice

    Hi tomcam! Try tutoring Koreans. Some centers hire part-time tutors. That way you can still focus on your review. A call center will provide you with money but you might lose focus. Yeah, we all have different learning styles. In my case I can't concentrate in a review center because there are too many distractions. Classmates to chat with, anecdotes from reviewers, long breaks, commuting to and fro... I like studying on my own better because it's just me and the book. Different strokes for different folks :)
  9. Hi piquant! Good luck! :) Are you using Saunders right now? I'm about to buy one. I'm also NOT enrolling in a review center. Everyone I know is telling me I'm making a mistake by not doing so. Hi messageinabox! I hope you get hired soon. Maybe you can apply again to Saudi? Yeah you guys are right. It's impossible to know everything.
  10. porkfat

    how long did it take you to finish the saunders book?

    Thanks so much! Hope I get to finish it too :)
  11. Thanks a lot for the advice! Congratulations on topping the board! If you don't mind me asking, has being number 5 helped further your career? Like, have well-known hospitals accepted your application to become a staff nurse because of that? With the freeze hiring in many hospitals, I was thinking that maybe if I topped the board, then that would give me an advantage over other applicants. A stepping stone if you will. Currently I'm brushing up on my poor foundation, since I have a lot of time on my hands. And it's true what another poster said; because the more I study, the more I realize that I don't know anything!
  12. porkfat

    ielts review materials

    Is it really necessary to use a review book for IELTS? I have a friend who doesn't speak English very well but he got a 7.5 average.
  13. porkfat

    how long did it take you to finish the saunders book?

    I'm fortunate to have the luxury of time to study for the NCLEX. I have a very poor foundation from Nursing school. Is it okay if I try as much as possible to finish the entire book? Or am I just wasting my time unnecessarily?
  14. That's exactly how I feel. But you know what, that should just motivate us to study, study, study more! :)
  15. Hi y'all! I just graduated this March, will be taking the board in November. Since I have months of studying ahead of me, I'd like to ask for tips on how to top the board. Since I have all this free time, figure I might as well make the most of it. I know having a good board rating isn't a guarantee of success later on, but I want to try. I also plan on taking the NCLEX. HELP!

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