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  1. mommiof2kids

    Nursing Faculty Shortage and Salaries

    I have also seen the tide turning in regards to the "nursing shortage." It's been interesting. What is happening, at least in some parts of the country, is that experienced nurses who were retired are coming out of retirement and re-entering nursing. This has changed the dynamics for new graduate nurses getting hired. Most facilities would prefer to hire an experience RN who has gone through refresher training than a new grad because of the monetary investment in hiring new grads. Additionally, trends are showing that new grads are only staying in the field for 1-2 years and are then leaving the acute care setting. So, financially, it makes sense to hire the experienced nurse. In regards to faculty...across the board, faculty are approaching retirement. Colleges (whether public or private) are finding it difficult to recruit new faculty because of the salary. Nurses are nurses first, then educators. It is shocking to go from working 3-12 hour shifts, getting paid for all of your time, to working 5 days a week on a salary, which doesn't capture overtime, missed lunches, weekend time and time spent at home working. It is not appealing to nurses, nor is it necessarily financially possible, to take a pay cut such as what typically occurs in nursing education. Now, educators who work for hospitals make very good money. But to strictly work in the world of academia, plan on taking a pay cut.
  2. mommiof2kids

    Platt college?

    I would have to disagree with you. Platt College is accredited by the American Association of Technical Schools. The nursing school is also fully approved by the state board of nursing. Take a look at the school website and look at their information
  3. mommiof2kids

    LVN school Dallas???

    Any recommendations on Platt, DNI, Concorde?? I'm looking. Need to know the good and the bad, TIA
  4. mommiof2kids

    Hesi Exit Test

    the school that I am faculty at uses the HESI as a means to gauge how the students are doing, and a tool to evaluate curriculum. We do not use as a requirement to move on to the next level or to graduate. We do not use it as a grade either. I do know that many schools do use the HESI as a grade or requirement for graduation. I think this is deviating from the purpose of the HESI test. It is a tool to indicate success at passing the NCLEX. It can help students focus on their areas of weakness. However, I think that the main purpose that a program can use the HESI for is to evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum.
  5. mommiof2kids

    Would Love to Hear Worst Student Nurse Fumbles

    giving my first shot as a student nurse, my instructor insisted that I use the 1 1/2 inch needle on a very thin man. So, scared to death, I go in, have the man turn over so I can give in his glut. okay, here we go...put the needle in and hit...bone! the patient said "wow! that really hurts!!" my reply, "well it is a shot and they do hurt".
  6. mommiof2kids

    Awful PCA situation

    APS, then RUN RUN as fast as you can!!!
  7. mommiof2kids

    MD likes to make you feel stupid

    Stand up to that doc! Take a deep breath, look him in the eye and tell him that you don't like the way he's talking to you. He probably doesn't even realize how he's speaking to you. If you don't stand up for yourself no one will and doctors will continue to walk all over you. I've had doctors yell at me for very insignificant things and I look at them and say "when you can speak to me like an adult and not yell then I'll continue the conversation" and then I walk away. They usually feel like idiots and it never happens again. Just remember, no one has a right to speak to anyone in anything less than a professional manner. Not even a doctor.
  8. mommiof2kids

    CNA to NURSE on same job, Job will not change my status

    If you like your job and where you work, stick it out until there is an opening for an LVN. If you don't like your job start applying for another employer. Just be very careful that you are not practicing outside of the scope for a CNA. If you are employed as a CNA then that's what guidelines you should be practicing within. You're not being paid to be an LVN and if you were to practice as an LVN and something happened the hospital would not back you in the event of a lawsuit. I will say this, don't wait too long to get moved into an LVN position. You don't want to lose the skills that you got in school.
  9. mommiof2kids

    Advice, Seasoned RN going into pediatrics!

    welcome to peds!! the best job in the whole world!! My advice, brush up on what a normal assessment of a child should be. Review a pedi book. Brush up on growth and development. This is key in assessing a child. Also, brush up on med calculations and how to figure if the dose prescribed is within the recommended range for that drug. You said you have a daughter? If you treat the patients like your own kids and put yourself in the position of their parents you will do just fine! And remember, this is pediatrics, we have lots of fun at work:-]
  10. mommiof2kids

    Schools without waiting list for 2year RN program???

    I work at platt college in Dallas. We are in the process of getting approval by the Board of Nursing for a 2 year program. Platt College in Oklahoma does have a 2 year program. As far as I know there's not a waiting list. It is definitely more expensive than a community college but you'll be able to start right away. Good luck to you! Welcome to Nursing :-}
  11. mommiof2kids

    I got my coworker fired

    I emailed one of my team leaders about a coworker who was talking in patient care areas about very sexually explicit topics. It made me uncomfortable but I was mainly concerned about the patients (pedi) and their parents. All I asked was that she talk to him about it and remind him to not have conversations like that in patient care areas. Next thing I know, I'm being interviewed by HR and my manager. The HR person stated that the facility did not condone this type of harassment. Honestly, I didn't know that qualified as harassment. He did end up being terminated. One part of me felt guilty but the other part of me hoped that he learned from the situation. He had a history of talking about sexually explicit topics and I heard from others that they were uncomfortable. My motivating factor was the patients overhearing it. So, long story short, try not to feel guilty. Sometimes people just need a reminder about what is appropriate behavior. Hopefully she'll learn and will be successful in her next job.
  12. mommiof2kids

    New ER Nurse

    ask lots and lots of questions. don't ever be afraid to ask for help. nurses in the ER work together as a team. that's often the only way to manage a critically ill patient. take advantage of being "new" and volunteer to any and every procedure that comes up. try to find one or two nurses that you are comfortable going to for help. that way when you're on your own, you still have resources that you're able to go to. I loved working in the ER. you're going to have a great time!
  13. mommiof2kids

    Help..fellow RN breaking into co-workers E mail

    since you are union, I would suggest calling your union rep. Anyone violating your email and impersonating you is breaking the law. In fact, it might be considered harassment. If your union is worried about conflict of interest ie.. representing two employees in opposition, then get an attorney. If this person is impersonating you what else is he doing? is he stealing? falsifying records? I'm sorry that you're in this situation. I guess this really brings home the point that we have to be very careful, even at work, with our email. Good luck to you.
  14. mommiof2kids

    Question about classroom teaching

    I, too, am new to teaching in a PN program. My previous director discouraged the use of ppt. She said we were to only read the lecture material to the class and that was good enough. Personally, I found it incredibly boring, even for me! I do use ppt, depending on the course. I also use alot of group exercises. Often I present a case scenario and then pose different questions for the group to answer. In, fundamentals, I used charting exercises alot! As a class, we would "chart" on the board about a patient that I had invented. This really helped them to grasp what information needs to be included in nurses notes and the correct way to document. In med-surg III, I used alot of case scenarios, games, group activities. I found that this was a great way to enhance their critical thinking. Hopefully, your director will be supportive of your teaching methodologies and you'll find what works best for you!
  15. mommiof2kids

    Administration lacks the reasoning ability of a 5 year old

    were you attempting to be sarcastic?