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    Seems like everyone got offended with my post on this subject. We all have to pay our dues starting out. My first RN job was 14.85hr, granted, that was 10 years ago, so I can understand taking a full time RN job making $20 something an hour. That is full time and right out of school. What I am saying is don't settle for that. Learn all you can, get all certs you can. Make yourself valuable. Now, on to travel Nursing...I mentioned that I made $60 last year. To clarify, I work as an independent contractor and that is a flat rate. Meaning, no OT, no bonus, no housing, no travel pay. As an employee, at best you can get about 80% of what hospital pays your company. That is very good. Everyone should negotiate for that. When you buy a car, no one has a problem negotiating the price. Well, same applies to RN jobs. Believe me.. they are all negotiable. Do you honestly think that they would offer you the top pay right off the bat? Well, as an independent contractor, I increase my take to 90%, plus many more tax advantages. I misunderstood the original post. I thought that an RN was being asked to work for same pay as a CNA. Never work for less than what you are. be proud, be professional. The life span of an RN is getting shorter all the time, burnout can come quick. Is it so unrealistic to make $60, $70, $80 an hour. If you think it is, you will never get there. If you settle for less...then that is exactly what you'll get. I have turned down several jobs recently. My recruiter says I am nuts, because there is so much competetion and people are lining up for jobs. The job I am on now, there were over 100 applicants, but I got offered the position ( luck of the draw). When they told me the pay, I said no. My recruiter said you can't because there are 99 other people that will say yes. I told them what I wanted to get paid. Guess what, pay was increased. Don't be afraid to demand what you are worth. Our choices not only affect us, but others as well.
  2. MrFloridaRN


    Who is making $8? I know techs that make $20. My first nursing job was $14.85 hr. We all have to start somewhere. My gripe is when nurses take these travel jobs paying less than full time positions. There are thousands of full time positions available. Take 'em...great. I travel to make money and see the country. It's getting to the point, It would be cheaper for me to go home. For some reason, nurses hurt themselves as a group. I have been offered many jobs for stuipdly low pay, I refuse. We are all professionals, but no one will treat us as such until we treat ourselves as such.
  3. MrFloridaRN


    OMG! It's the nurses that are taking these low paying jobs that are ruining it for everyone. If you want to make such low pay, be a CNA or something. The market is going through some changes, people are getting scared and accepting the rediculously low paying RN jobs. You are only hurting yourselves and everyone else in the field. I am a traveler and have never been so offended by the offers I am getting from companies. Last year, I was making $60hr and had my choice of assignments. Now, people are bidding on jobs which lowers overall pay. Get paid what you are worth and accept nothing less. If ypu have to ask someone else if they think the pay is enough... It's NOT.