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  1. i just found out last night that i passed!!=) thank u guys for ur support!! Thank u God!!!... and yah.. i noticed that my screen turned blue this time. they said that's not true and of course u can't just depend on that.. so don't think that's what it is guys coz it might not be true.. but dats just wut i noticed:mad:.. Good luck to all of you!!!
  2. jc999

    I passed after the third try!!!!!!

    good luck to all those who are taking their test soon!=)
  3. At last!!.... i am now a registered nurse!! . i am so happy:roll... I thank God for making everything happen. And i have to tell you guys.. this site have really helped me a lot!! Thank you!
  4. i'll be able to find out on wednesday through the quick results.. this is killing me..
  5. i think i didnt make it.. i had like 20 medications, 5 sata's, prioritizations, several comprehensive questionstions and my computer shut off at 75.. again... i feel that i failed this 3rd time agn...
  6. thank you guys!... you'll all be in my prayers too... God bless us all!
  7. im using kaplan and saunders=)
  8. It will be my 3rd time to take the nclex rn exam and its killing me just thinkin about it... i wanna be as relaxed and calm as possible but it seems like i can't focus on my review this past few days... months before, i used to answer 150-200 questions a day but now that i only have a few days left i know im supposed to answer more questions but i cnt seem to do it... im scared.. and im so nervous!:heartbeat... i really really wanna pass this test... and i can't wait to learn new things... and be an effective nurse . This is what im ought to do so help me pls dear GOD. :angel: GOODLUCK TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE TAKING THIS OCTOBER! GOD BLESS US!