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  1. dizzlern84

    Headed to South Alabama for Summer Term

    I graduated from USA's nursing program in 2006 and I started in the summer it was difficult. My brother is starting this summer and after looking at his schedule you all are very lucky you should have a pretty easy summer for the most part. Health assessment is a little tough and pharm can be difficult at times. If you all have any questions though feel free to ask me. All in all nursing school wasn't that bad of an experience I made many friends and got a job working for usa medical center in the ICU.
  2. dizzlern84

    Headed to South Alabama for Summer Term

  3. dizzlern84

    What is your total tuition for anesthesia school?

    Depends on were you go and if it is a university or private school. Im going to a private school and its going to cost me almost 60,000 not including cost of living. I have heard of some university costing under 30,000 though.
  4. dizzlern84

    start crna program at olol in baton rouge in August 2009

    Congrats on getting accepted jac I will be going to olol this fall as well. I have a strange feeling you might already know that! When are we going to BR to find us some apartments?
  5. dizzlern84

    How to Pass Nclex when You left your License expire

    I used the hurst review when I took my NCLEX it is kind of expensive, but it was money well spent. http://www.hurstreview.com/
  6. dizzlern84

    Advice needed

    I can tell you I think you will do fine. I just got accepted to a CRNA program with a 3.09 GPA overall. I did get my CCRN CMC and CSC certifications. I believe these helped me out tremendously by increasing my knowledge but more importantly showing my motivation for higher learning. I also had 2 years experience before applying as well.