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  1. medicalconnect

    Nurse Struck Off

    It's just unfortunate for medical professionals to know some abused patient and they can not even report it due to what we called "patient confidentiality". I guess what we have to remember in everything we do is that " what's come around, comes around." I guess we just have to wait for that medical professionals who abuse patients to experience it themselves and let's see what they can feel....I don't agree with Margaret Haywood but I don't agree with patient abuse either!
  2. medicalconnect

    Um...I Don't Know What an EKG Is

    Somehow residents have the ability to appear knowledgeable than nurses. But yes they don't know everything. If you ever have doubts about a medical order, ask them, tell them what you think. It's not wrong to express your side. Good luck!
  3. medicalconnect

    Domestic abuse on rise as economy sinks

    Very informative. Thanks for the sharing!
  4. medicalconnect

    God Bless America

    Volunteerism I guess lies not in the culture of every country but in the heart of every human being. No matter how you are exposed to volunteerism, if you don't have the time, the spirit, the heart to reach out to your fellowmen it's still useless. So that yes I can say God bless America for having volunteerism as one of it's cultural value.