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  1. What school did you go to in No Cal?
  2. Samantha Jane

    University of Rochester Accelerated Nursing Program - ABPNN

    Hi and congratulations to everyone who has been accepted. I recently contacted UoR to inquire as to why they allow the prereqs to be taken online (A&P, Micro etc) without a lab. They said it's just how they do it. I honestly don't understand that. I have researched a zillion schools and they all say a lab is required. Some even make a point of stating that an online science class would not be accepted. In any case it's very attractive to me that I can take prereqs online. Do you know of any other schools that allow this also? Also, for those of you who have been accepted, do you mind telling me a little about your scholastic history i.e. gpa, previous coursework taken etc. I called and they stated the Jan 2010 class was extremely selective as it will be their first January class and they want it small. She pretty much shut me down there implying that I wouldn't get in.... My GPA is 3.65. Do they only want the 4.0 or better? Just wondering.
  3. Samantha Jane

    Western Career College??

    What are your opinions on wheter or not Unitek's 11 mos course would be just as informative/educational as opposed to WCC 16 mos program? Do you think it's the same info basically, but at a slower pace at WCC? Seems likely but I'd like to hear anyone's thoughts. Thanks.
  4. Samantha Jane

    Western Career College??

    Do you know how they stack up against Unitek in Fremont? I am struggling here trying to decide which one to go to. Money and time already noted. Just wondering about class experiences, faculty, whatever you can think of.