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  1. Charlihoo

    Greenville Memorial Hospital

    Any bedside nurses here from GMH who would be willing to tell me how they like working there? I accepted a position there and will be moving from out of state, however, the move has not been going very smoothly (things seem to come together and then unravel completely- my position at GMH has been the only solid thing), and I find myself doubtful if I should make the move at all. If you love it, if you hate it, I want to hear it.
  2. Charlihoo

    I want to live in Chattanooga!

    I've been an RN,BSN for a little over 18 months in the NeuroSurgery ICU of a Level 1 Trauma center. I've been applying to positions....all kinds of positions, at Erlanger and Memorial (although I prefer Erlanger since I am currently employed at a University hospital) but no luck yet. I've been hoping to relocate to Chattanooga since I was there in 2009 for a stage race put on by Rock Creek. Anybody got any ideas about how to get my foot in the door with the hospitals in the area? I know that online applications are the thing these days but sometimes I wonder how effective/efficient it is for both the applicant and the potential employer.
  3. Charlihoo

    Calling all EKU BSN or ABSN students

    Amanda it is no bother at all to answer your questions but as I seldom post (more of a reader) I can't reply to you any other way but here. On clinicals....they don't start until your 2nd 8 weeks of the first semester. You go one day a week. Ours were on Saturday. I was placed at Ephraim McDowell in Danville. The other clinical site was in Corbin, KY. The first 8 weeks you learn the basic tech stuff plus some of the nursey stuff in a clinical lab located on the third floor of the nursing building. You learn stuff like: turning, making beds, trach suction, starting IVs, starting foleys, wound care, med administration, etc. Your first clinical rotation will be very mild though and you'll mostly do tech like duties. I always requested that if a nurse on the floor had something cool, like a dressing change, or needed an IV started, or whatever, that I'd be interested in doing it if they were okay with that. And some of the nurses will come let you do stuff like that. The more you do the better. And no, I didn't have doodley squat for experience when I started. I was a microbiologist in an equine hospital in my prior life. The next semester you'll have two clinical rotations- one med surg and one psych. I think everybody was at St. Joe for the Med Surg, and either Eastern State or The Ridge (there maybe was some at Corbin). I was at Eastern State. This was the most disappointing of the rotations as we did very little and had very little patient interaction, but I think it's difficult to arrange. If you're at Eastern State you'll see what I mean. Over summer you'll do Labor and Delivery and Peds. This is a very short rotation, comprised of only the first 6 weeks. We were all at Central Baptist for L&D, and either UK or Shriners for Peds. I was at UK. You want UK. You see more stuff and get to do more; they are used to teaching there and answering a ton of questions. The second 6 weeks of summer is public health. You drive around and see the countryside. You do a seatbelt survey. You maybe put on a healthfair. You have to wear super stupid scrub pants. The last semester you have your critical care clinical for the first 8 weeks- two days a week. We were either at UK or St Joe. I was originally placed at St Joe but as the UK clinical was Tues and Sats, I easily switched (and boy, was I glad I did). The last 8 weeks is your synthesis. You work whatever schedule your preceptor works until you acheive so many clinical hours. Your placement (meaning unit) apparently depends on how well you do on the first HESI. I did really well and chose my placement in the NICU at UK. Some others were at St Joe. If you don't do well on the HESI, they put you in Med Surg to improve your skills (or that's what they tell us anyhow). To be honest, coming into the programs and even exiting, I didn't have a clue where I wanted to work. I did love working in the NICU but couldn't get on there. I ended up hired into the Neuro ICU @ UK. So far, I like it. I did most of my beginning orientation in the Medical ICU (because my new unit wasn't open yet and the old unit was saturated with new nurses) and it turns out, I really like it there too. I do like the ICU environment (lots of detail), and many of my professors told me that I would excel there. They also told me I'd be a good candidate for ER but I'm not feeling that just yet. ER kind of scares the crap out of me. I'm still so new though, it would be difficult for me to say that I've given any unit a fair shake just yet. I think that was all you asked me but you're welcome to ask more if you think of any. You can email me too if you like at charlahoo@hotmail.com
  4. Charlihoo

    EKU 2011 ABSN

    Hey KYExplorer, congrats on your acceptance to the ABSN program at EKU! I was in the 2009 cohort and survived with only a mild case of PTSD (kidding!). The best advice I can give you is to take things one day at a time and use your clinical time to do as much as you possibly can (including hitting up the techs as they can teach you a bundle too). Everyone in my cohort kicked butt on the NCLEX but we are all still trying to get a handle on real nursing. Overall I think I got a great education from EKU, but I had to work for it and I had to do my part (study, do my own research, involve myself at clinical). And I graduated with honors. I may even run into you at clinicals if you happen to be over at UK (which you definitely will be during your last semester- maybe I'll know what I'm doing by then, sort of). Good luck and again, congrats!
  5. Hello everyone! I will graduate from my BSN program in December. I fell in love with Chattanooga two years ago while I was in town for a stage race sponsored by Rock Creek Outfitters. I would really like to relocate to the area (I currently live in Kentucky), but am not sure to which organizations I should be looking. Are there hospitals in the area that are friendlier to new grads? Are there hospitals in the area that are friendlier to continuing education (as I plan to return for my Masters degree)? I would love to work in a critical care (esp. trauma or neonatal) area but am not coming out of graduation picky about area or shift. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  6. Charlihoo

    Rookies: A Profile of Nursing Students

    Seems to me to be about right. I mean learning the "tasky" things is the natural progression of the novice nurse to the expert nurse. It's like learning to drive a stick shift. First you're all concerned about getting it in the right gear and the right time, and letting the clutch out just right. But as the stick and clutch become sort of second nature, you're able to settle into the zen of driving, and with experience comes the knowing when to slow down to avoid a collision and knowing when to speed up, or the reading of other drivers. I'm saying all this as a student. I understand that there's a lot more to my clinical pts than getting the foley in, doing their blood sugar checks, and starting IVs, but I'm unpracticed at reading the multitude of personalities you meet everyday. My assessments are getting more thorough as I learn different subtleties but it will take time for me to get the big picture. That's what learning is all about.
  7. Charlihoo

    Chattanooga Nursing Opportunities

    I am finishing school at EKU in Richmond, Kentucky and will be done in December. I love (LOVE!) Chattanooga and am looking to relocate once I graduate, but would like to know what the job opportunities will be like. Is there someone I should contact now? Are there hospitals more open to new graduates than others? I don't mind working in a hospital outside of Chattanooga either if seeking employment there would be easier. Any advice from Chattanooga nurses would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. Charlihoo

    EKU 2nd degree program

    Hey hey! I'm currently in the 2nd degree program at EKU. I just finished my first semester. I have no idea what the GPA cutoff is (because obviously I haven't asked all my classmates what their GPAs are). I had a 3.7 GPA for my first degree coursework. I also had all As in my prereq courses. There are 24 students in the program with me and I think they said around 80 people applied. One of the girls in the program applied 3 times. I think they look at a lot of things. I mean yes, I think your GPA should be over a 3.0. You should have some kickass references, and a compelling statement of purpose. I certainly wouldn't let my GPA or the difficulty of acceptance keep me from applying. But also, spread your applications around. Apply at UK, and U of L, and Bellarmine too.
  9. Charlihoo

    Bellarmine vs EKU Accelerated BSN

    I'd like to thank everyone for their replies. In the end, I chose EKU, and the only reason for this choice was a financial one. I would like to say that everything about Bellarmine impressed me. I've spoken to many of their graduates who praised their education at Bellarmine both for its preparation of them for their careers and for the support of its staff. Because I'm in an accelerated program, I fully expect intensity and I have scrimped and saved for the last several years so I won't have to work and will be able to focus solely on school. So for those of you considering the same choice, I'll repost on my experiences. I start in August. I don't intend to stop at the BSN level so who knows? I might end up at Bellarmine anyhow for my MSN or PhD.
  10. Charlihoo

    Bellarmine vs EKU Accelerated BSN

    Hello! Long time lurker....first time poster I would like to hear from Bellarmine and EKU Acclerated BSN graduates. I have been accepted to both programs, and I attended Bellarmine's orientation a couple of weeks ago. I was very impressed with the staff that I met. I have no feel for the EKU program and was wondering if anyone out there would comment on their experiences, the willingness of the staff to help, and preparedness coming out of the programs. I have less than a week to make up my mind- EKU is definitely cheaper and a much shorter commute for me as I live in Lexington. Thanks in advance!