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canchaser has 20 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. canchaser

    The Veterans Affairs Travel Nurse Corps (TNC)

    Did you get any info? I didn’t know they had this option
  2. canchaser

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Can I get a copy of proficiency lsummers88@yahoo.com
  3. canchaser

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    I’d like to get the proficiency info.
  4. Hi Mandyarn,

    I'm currently going through a similar experience to you - a recurring theme it seems - with Barry's CRNA program. 

    I'd really love if we could chat about your experience in private (I was going to write about mine here, but thought it's wiser not to do so publicly). 

    If you could please respond, email me or call/text me with my info below. Thank you so much and I'm so sorry there are so many others who've experienced this injustice. I don't see an option here to privately message you, or I would have!

    Warm Regards,

    - JCumerma

    561.352.6478 (c)

    jcumerma@hotmail.com (e)

  5. canchaser

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Whom do ask for this pathway?
  6. canchaser

    VA Nurse Salary

    I thought NP and RN was paid on the same scale? This is good to know that I can get a raise when I find a NP job
  7. canchaser

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    What is an ANM?
  8. canchaser

    Former ICU nurses - I need your help

    Shadow a ED Np/ pa. I was ICU for years, went to CRNA school hated it the minute I stepped into clinical. "Flunked out" best thing that could of happened. Now 6 years later im a Np in ED making as much as the CRNA no call, no overnights, no sleeping close to the hospitals. Go in, do my 12 and adios. I see the quick ED patients and at the same time can have a septic patient circling the drain, a DKA ect. I love it, never thought I would.
  9. canchaser

    Nurses change jobs because of stress and culture - not money

    I somewhat agree but as a person who was married and pregnant at age 15, any move I made was generally based off more money. Each degree I got doubled my income. Some are driven by money others by time with family. My husband was the one with the 9-5 job while I worked crazy hours and got the money. Only once did I change due to stress- more so management trying to micromanage the nursing staff and schedule.
  10. canchaser

    Is Becoming A NP Worth It?

    Dreaming? As a NP in primary care insurance will dictate what tests are or aren't approved. The schedule is tight. That 15 minute slot is for VS, med reconciliation, and your time with patient. Usually less than 5 minutes. Charting most often occurs after everyone else has left. You take work home with you. The learning curve is big. Check out some of the NP sites in Facebook. Read the primary care posts. My PCP tells me he not done till 10-11 pm most nights. These providers hide the stress well. I work in the ED, I miss my 12 hours, shifts over- give report and go home. The pts keep flooding in, charting happens after my shift most often. There is an expectation for the provider to see so many pts a shift,from door to provider in less than 10 minutes, dispo in 2-3 hours, length of stay to be short, Each month I get my statistics- number of EKgs ordered, number of CT's and other testing. It comes out in a group Report so we can call see where we are in comparison. I'm spending 1-2 hours after shift finishing charts. Please check into this and think long and hard. I'm spending more time away from my family now than as a nurse. you may want to look into nursing home rounding, my friend does this she has a very flexible schedule. She sees the acute Medicare patients, looks at the log book of complaints/ lab/ ua results. Has to keep up with all the primary care meds, but yet give if antibiotics for pneumonia and the like. She really enjoys the challenge. And it's Monday they Friday with minimal call. She hardly ever takes work home, and is out at a decent time.
  11. canchaser

    New job

    I said yes to the new job slightly due to salary ( I can work 36-40 hours less a month and still make the same) but more so to be closer to home and weekend events.
  12. canchaser

    New job

    Yes my job did offer some more money and they are trying to come up with a bonus/ productivity plan. They changed the job from "regular Ed" practice to a fast track. Not so sure I like it. Feel like I'm rushed cause they want them in and out in an hour. This includes labs, X-rays, splinting, simple lacs ect.
  13. canchaser

    Schumacher Ed group

    Does anyone have experience with the group?
  14. canchaser

    New job

    Follow up with a raise?? I don't like negotiating, but that's what current co-workers had mentioned
  15. canchaser

    New job

    So I've been offered a new NP job with a substantial raise. My hold up is I like my job now... Would it be appropriate to ask for a day of shadowing the lead NP to ensure I might like the job? Benefits are comparable. Hours will be 1p to 1 am, not my favorite but for $15 more an hour I could do it. thanks, canchaser
  16. canchaser

    Free CEU in holistic area

    Environmental Health: Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine here is the link. Enjoy, it's one of their online courses, you have 90 days to complete it but it only took me a few hours.

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