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    ATI Predictor Test Score in relation to Pass/Fail NCLEX

    I took the ATI in september and got a 93 to pass NCLEX, you then have the option to take the virtual ATI, which in my opinion is very time consuming and a pain in the butt. I quit using the virtual Ati on Sept. 30, after feeling completely stupid. I have since got my ATT and have pick wednesday October 14 to test yes it is tomorrow. I pick this date a week ago, just because I just want it over with. I have studied using an old PN book with CD, Because the book they gave is not compatible with windows vista. I have used my ATI prodictor scores and marked the ideas that I need to study in the Ati books and have watch some of the DVD tht came with ATI. I have worked on my calculations using math book. I feel anxiety but I am still feeling good about it. I think I had a been time studying with the ATI books, tests and DVDs. If I had questions I called an instructor or google. ABGs a great site is ehow.com it explains compensate and uncompensated alot better then my instructor. I was also assigned a mediator and she sent me packets out of topics I needed to study. I will let you guys know if I passed. By the way I went to Kaplan in Omaha, the program is awesome, kind of expensive. Worth the time and energy. Planning on going into a fast track program form my BSN.
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    I wish I had studied this before Nursing 101.......

    I would brush up on Math, medication math, also more complex equations as in algrebra. I would also do a human biology or a pre a and p, mircobiology is really advanced I wouldn't take that until you are through a&p. I would take a computer class just to brush up on some computer skills, could help you later on when researching. Also a human growth or psychology class to further you knowledge in how people work. Hope that it helps you. I am currently in a 50 week program where we have several older(not implying anything) students. I have 4 kids at home and 3 are under age of 3. So, it is really hard at times. So, keep up and don't fall behind. Good Luck!!!
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    care plan mapping?

    :idea:Has anyone heard ofcare plan mapping? It is based off of your patho for your client? Our school has switched to this, so we have to learn something new, it seems easier, but I was wondering if anyone else has heard of it.
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    anatomy homework help

    I came up with TB with the symptoms and lab values. My book gave me two nursing dx of risk for infection and ineffective therapeutic regimen management. Good luck.
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    Help with a couple of nur dx with pneumonia

    I am almost finished with school, I can give you suggestion from my experiences in clinical. An easy one would be risk for infection r/t inadequate primary defenses(e.g. decreased cilary action) The deficient fluid volume is a good one. I know that are school is doing care mapping, which is based off of your patho. Is the client taking any of the following cortisone, thiazides and "loop" diuretics Asked a friend and got ineffective airway clearance r/t the presence of tracheobronchial secretions secondary to infection and impaired gas exchange r/t altered oxygen supply and alveolar- capillary membrane changes secondary to inflammatory process in the lungs. I hope that it helps from one student to the next. Good luck.

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