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  1. ibme

    Which Job would YOU rather have??

    I'd prefer 3 12's, but with kids and a family I'd pick 8-5.
  2. ibme

    Floating related to age

    I am sorry, but if you are too old or unable to do the job than you shouldn't be working. Or get a doctors note...this is nursing, we new what we were getting into.
  3. ibme

    Night shift: Tired all the time ?????

    I think what she meant about it being "unnatural" is that humans are not nocturnal beings.
  4. ibme

    Career Advice

    It seems most male nurses I know tend to gravitate towards ER, ICU and OR... I am not sure where all the jobs are for new grads.. hopefully when you graduate we wont be in this mess. Also, will your wife ever work? I ask because you may want to take into consideration what her job will be and what the market is for that particular type of work wherever you decide to go.
  5. ibme

    Miserable on the job....

    You gotta think of your own health first. For some reason the nursing mentality is always to stick it out at whatever expense to our own health! The hospitals love this school of thought because it causes nurses to stay and put up with the horrific nursing conditions. You could always apply places and see what happens. If they ask why you are leaving say " I feel like my nursing license is in jeopardy " and they will get it and not ask questions. It never hurts to try. It's not exactly lying either. And if you don't want to burn the bridge at the current hospital, explain to them that the long drive home is exhausting and you don't feel safe driving after working nights. They should understand this, or you may even get lucky enough to get transferred to days. Good luck :)
  6. ibme

    "I don't want to do bed side nursing"...SAY WHAT!

    FYI-- There are other roles in nursing other than bedside care. It is sad that most nurses wont consider any other position other than "bedside" "real" nursing. It is upsetting.. some nurses can be so harsh and narrow minded. If everyone wanted to work bedside then there would be nobody to fill all of the other nursing positions--think about the patients for once! Everyone needs care and it may be in a place OTHER than the hospital setting!
  7. ibme


    Anyone have experience with them doing chart reviews?
  8. What areas of nursing do you like? Do you like high stress, low stress? What floor do want to end up being on? I would vote "NO" on the psych floor because most nurses do not like that unit.. but, you may be one of the few that do lol
  9. ibme

    Memorial City

    Well I can help with starting pay with no experience- I started as a new grad RN with an associates Degree at Hermann in the Medical Center for 27.00 per hour and that does not include differentials. Hope that helps! With experience expect more - just not sure how much ..
  10. ibme

    New grad starting salary- St-Luke's houston, TX

    Do any of these facilities pay for your parking? I heard it is $24 a day to park-- is that really true?
  11. I think it means higher patient-to-nurse ratios. If the hospitals are getting reimbursed less than they are now then I think they will cut corners everywhere.
  12. ibme


    Clinicals DON'T count!
  13. ibme

    It pays to be a nurse.

    I have never gotten a ticket in or out of uniform- I always smile and admit to what I did instead of making excuses-- I mean come on, how many excuses do you think they have heard!
  14. ibme

    Mandated scrub colors

    Thank god I don't have to wear a certain color at my hospital! I am so picky with the colors out there and I can't stand that baby/ceil blue color- and I know w/ my luck that is probably what they would pick for RN's! I don't think patients would even realize that the nurses are certain colors than the rest of the staff unless told...they usually have so many other things on their minds and don't pay attention to our uniform colors..but, it is good in "theory".
  15. ibme

    Nevada to Texas

    I was hired at North East Baptist Hospital in L&D , but they only worked me in PP which was nice, but I quit a few months ago due to accepting another job, but I know that they hired LVNs there. They have a few other hospitals around the city as well.