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  1. restless09

    States Hiring New Grads

    SoCaliGirl I am in Phoenix. Alot of the hospitals want "experienced" nurses. There are new grad programs out there but I believe they only start their programs (orientation etc) twice a year. Plus I'm not sure if the pay would be as good as say a "regular" staff position. I have also thought about long term care - but was really hoping for a hospital position as my first nursing job as I do not want to "lose" my nursing skills - as you don't use nearly as many skills in LTC as in acute.
  2. restless09

    States Hiring New Grads

    Thank you both for the input!
  3. restless09

    States Hiring New Grads

    Hello everyone! Not sure if I am posting in the right forum- but I'm gonna give this a shot and hope for an influx of replies~ Anyway, I am finishing my 2 year RN degree in AZ and have been looking at different random states to see who IS hiring new grads and I have to admit that I am becoming quite discouraged. Can anyone offer any advice as to which states/hospitals ARE hiring us newbies? Thanks for all of the help!