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  1. megalin

    SFC Gainesville Fall 2009

    I was wondering when I would find some of my future classmates on Allnurses! I have met a few people here and there while doing the paper work/ physical/background check thing. A few of the folks I know from some of my pre req classes. I am really looking forward to starting the Nursing program this Fall and a little nervous. all of this waiting around is nerve racking Does anybody know when the syllabus for NP1 is going to be posted ( and the clinical supply list) ?
  2. megalin

    Im accepted! What do I need??

    Congratulations! i just got my acceptance letter too ( Santa Fe College in Florida) ! I can't wait for the fun to begin:D I am also wondering what else I need! I did just purchase the iPod Touch. It seems like a frivolous expense, but the applications are endless. Every nurse i know has a PDA of some sort to manage all of the crazyness. The Touch manages as both PDA and music/stress relief ( and its a really cool toy to play with). Ummm.... I keep reading about comfortable shoes. I have no idea what kind to buy. I hope more people respond to this because I am in the same boat as you! Good Luck in school!
  3. megalin

    Do you bring your laptop to class/lecture?

    There are a lot of great posts on this subject! I am definitely going to steal some of them I went through the same debate with my boyfriend before purchasing a netbook ( Asus eeePC 1000HA) because I was not computer literate at all! Since buying my net book and using it for class, not only have my notetaking skills vastly improved, so have my typing, computer skills, and test grades. I wouldn't go to class without it. Netbooks are fantastic because they are small, convenient,cost effective ( mine was roughly 325.00), and have a reliable battery life. They do have their limitations ( no optical drive, limited memory, etc.) though and I would thoroughly research them to find the right one for you. I found the best information on amazon ( pay attention to the reviews, comments, and disscussion forums. They tell you all kinds of tricks to get the most use out of your particular model) and cnet.com That being said, my professors never had a problem with laptops in class ( in fact a couple of them commented on hwo tiny my netbook was!) and most laptop's keyboards are especially quiet so the clicking isn't a problem either. Once I got familiar with the netbook, notetaking was a snap and I was able to listen to the professor more. Handwriting vs. typing your notes really is a matter of personal preference and learning style, but try it both ways to see what fits. Also, I would never record a professor without asking permission first. Some of them are really opposed to it ( understandably) and all of them are grateful ( at least at my school ) for the courtesty you show when you ask. Good luck!
  4. megalin

    A laugh break from all the flu gloom and doom

    Okay, seriously? That was about the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! I'm in the middle of studying for finals and that was just the break I needed! Thank you for sharing that ( especially for those of us that dont' have cable ) !
  5. megalin

    pursuing a DNP

    I am doing the same exact thing! I am pursuing my ASN and I eventually want to get a DNP. The DNP is a relatively new degree track, so I don't know how many schools are offering the degree. I also haven't been able to find very accurate information on what the pay is for that type of position, but I think that it would be comparable to a NP's. What the University of Florida is doing is offering a BSN to DNP degree track in place of a MSN ( there is also a MSN to DNP for those who already have a MSN ) . You can find out more about this by going to www.ufl.edu and going to the college of nursing. THe website offers a wealth of information and an FAQ section about the DNP program. The program at Universtiy of Florida starts this fall. According to an NP I know, nurses with an MSN will be grandfathered in ( at least in Florida ) . Good luck in your search!
  6. megalin

    please help. i dont know what to do !!!

    First of all don't panic because of what you have heard from an advisor at one school! your overall GPA is good. Hve you considered looking into applying to a two year R.N. program at a community college? Its not a BSN ( it would only be an ASN ) but you could then find an online bridge fairly easily. I know that UCF ( Im in Florida ) offers several bridge programs online once you have a two year RN. My suggestion is, findout if there are other accelerated BSN schools in NY ( i wish I knew more about the shools in NY) and what their requirements are. APply to several, you may be very surprised. Also look into a two year RN program ( at least here in FL ) they dont' look at the C's you got in Chem and BIO. At the school I am attending, chem is background course work and only needed for entrance into microbiology. You need the good grades in A&P and Micro and some other gen ed classes like algebra and english comp. You also get points for already having a dgree ( doesn't matter where its from ) and the work experience. Dont' lose hope, the accelerated BSN is not your only option. especially if you are willing to think outside the box and take a more round about way. good luck in your search!
  7. megalin

    How exactly do you become an OR nurse?

    I don't know if this will help, but the community college I am attending has a Surgical Tech program. It's a 14 month certificate and does not require any pre-reqs . I was told by one of my professors that while many hospitals will do on-the-job training for this field, getting this certificate is helpful. In fact, many students going through the RN program will get the surgical tech certificate for the extra credentials especially if they are interested in being an OR Nurse. I know that this isn't the only way, but it's an idea! I hope this helps!