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  1. Hey hon,

    I doubt he'd call to say, "Ummm no sorry, we don't want you." to the 500+ applicants, take it as a good sign! Get some rest and call bck tomorrow!

    Protip (to new grads looking for a job) give your cell phone number when applying and carry it with you AT ALL TIMES!!! ALL TIMES! #kanyeshrug

  2. Hmmm.. you say you're afraid your GPA won't get you in *anywhere* but it seems to me like you have your eye on Ivy League schools only. You may not get into one of those three schools. I'd apply at other schools for their BSN/MSN...

    Take this for what it's worth, it's almost impossible to get a job as a nurse these days. Your plan sounds like it's going to cost you upwards of 60K, what happens if you don't get a job as an NP right away?

    Good luck

  3. Wow, this is such a hard situation.

    I'm not goint to tell you what to do, but i know i've been there and felt that way; critical care is NOT easy starting off in and your preceptors can really make or break you.

    I hope you come to the conclusion that's best for you!!!

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    be careful with docs like that who are so hot and cold...

    that may be their way of trying to be dominant over you read: putting you in fear that one slip up or wrong move/question not sucking up will result in their silent treatment wrath.... forgive, but do not forget or walk on eggshells, this is a smart manipulation move. trust me

  5. I was a new grad in the ICU and I know this will sound crazy but I only applied to ICU jobs, I refused to apply for anything else, and this was in May-August of 2009! Well my parents thought I was crazy but it worked out, 1 year so far in a lvl 1 Magnet CVICU...

  6. yeah, it does sound like you're getting suckered into the position... take it as a compliment, your manager sees you as competent enough to handlethis responsibility, and as someone said, you can use it inthe futurefor your next yearly eval to get a raise, and it is definitely a resume builder.

    i'd do it :)

  7. Wow, congratulations!! It's tough getting a job in this economy!!!

    Well, to be honest, 8 pts in a hospital seems like a lot to me, especially on a Neuro unit... and a 3-year contract, is that with the hospital, or the unit itself. But I guess hospitals have the upper hand these days and can request pretty much everything! I'm sure you'll love it and I'm sure that orientation will be sufficient enough to train you how to care for 8 pts.

  8. Yeah, I really don't understand why you think it'd be dangerous.

    I'm a new grad just off orientation and although I'm not getting the most critical pt.s on the floor, I am being built up to that point with one or two gtts, and the occasional CABx1 or mini valve (:)). Yes, they're babying me but I am new, what should I expect? What WOULD be dangerous is if they gave you a post-op bleeding pt. whose going down your first day off orientation, but that would say more about your unit than you....

    I felt like you but opposite. I worked in Med-Surg as a tech for 2 years prior to getting this nursing job and couldn't really see myself entering that specialty.. you can do it if you really want it!!!! I think the hardest part would be actually *getting* a job in the ICU, but you sound like a fantastic candidate.

  9. For what it's worth, here are the steps to becoming a CRNA:

    2. Get 1-2 years experience as an ICU nurse (you'll need to work in med/surge, most likely, for at least a year before they'll let you in the ICU).

    Midwestern University 

    is the only crna program in Arizona.

    You can make it into the ICU without any experience in Medical/Surgical nursing. Believe me :) and good luck!

  10. They usually take their own, and by their own I don't mean those that work for them, I mean people who are either related to or have had in class the Nurse Managers and Program Directors. (One of the program directors actually teaches for UD so if you go to UD you're golden), but good luck!!!

  11. Well I don't graduate for 5 months...so I don't think I'm too late as of now. But thanks for your reply.

    I graduated May of 2009. People from my class secured jobs back in December.. so I was in the same boat as you, the earlier the better, especially in this situation where jobs are hard to come by.

    Good luck! But if I were you, I'd take my advice and at least start!!!

    ...and you're welcome.

  12. For one thing, you're never too old to do anything!! However just keep in mind that the road to becoming a CRNA is not easy.

    First, you have to get into a nursing program, do well, PASS..... Then you have to get into an ICU. Orientation will not be easy and a good ICU will not only let you know how well you're doing but also let you know that if you're not cutting it, you're out. So, if you are able to get into an ICU and make it through orientation, get a year or two of experience, then you apply. People apply multiple years in a row and for past mistakes or just for the simple fact that they cant interview well don't make it. Good luck!!!!

  13. I didn't work as a tech in an ICU, I didn't get nor do I have any certifications. I'm definitely the exception. The only requirement my job in a CVICU required was that I do my clinical rotation in a SICU or CICU. Try to get your final clinical rotation in an ICU, this way you can at least say you have the experience.

    I graduated in 2009, so I know how it is, but I guess certifications wouldn't hurt!!!

    Also get on your clinical instructors good side this way you can ask for recommendations!!

  14. In certain situations, yes.

    For example, I had an admission.. the other nurse was helping me to chart and instead of charting the drip as 50mcg of fentanyl, he charted 50ml which equaled 500 mcg of Fentanyl. The charge nurse walks by and says, oh, your patient is on 500mcg of Fentanyl/H ?? I could have easily said, "Oh, no Joe charted it wrong, I'll fix it" But instead I said, "Oh, I'll fix that!" Why? You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours... no harm was meant, no patient got hurt, and Joe will know that I appreciate him helping me with my admissions and in the future not leave me hanging!!!