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  1. muircv

    Sacred Heart NICU in Pensacola

    Anyone have any insight on the Sacred heart NICU? Looks like we'll be arriving dec/jan, but I don't plan to start working until April as I am having a baby in December! Would love any info!
  2. muircv

    Survey on how many patients you get in a shift

    Wow! We are constantly short staffed in my unit, mixed level II/III but we have never had more than 4 patients in an assignment. Our charge will take an assignment, we gets peds floats or they call in our administrators to help. I have definitely felt like I was in unsafe assignments and ran my tail off barely getting the minimum done though, and that is not a good feeling. I am soon leaving my unit, as we are moving to another state, and this kind of makes me nervous! I work night shift and our only real help is 2-3 RTs. Our census is usually in the 40s
  3. We ended up buying a house after only being up here for 4 months. I would say you'd prob want to rent a room from someone. I could not so the commute even to the valley with working 12hr shifts, but many people do it! Also now that I'm more used to it, less areas are shady than I originally thought, anchorage itself insist not very pretty with the architecture etc.! Just don't live in mountainview or fairview
  4. muircv

    Moving to Alaska. Please Help

    I make 31.13, and have been a nurse 2.5 years. Night differential is $4/hr more and weekends is $2/hr more
  5. muircv

    Charge and Resus --How does your facility do it?

    We're a 65 bed unit, the only level III in the state, no where up here does echmo. Our charge doesn't take an assignment unless we're in a bind. We are chronically short-staffed, so it does happen, but we have a resource nurse who does all our PICC line dressing changes, goes on transport, and is just over all "resourceful" who ideally doesn't have an assignment either. We don't always have a first admit assignment, sometimes we know it will go to resource, but if we know we will be getting babies they staff and make the assignments accordingly.
  6. muircv

    New Grad Trying for NICU

    Job yet? I work in the NICU here in Anchorage, AK it's the only level 3 NICU in the entire state. I started as a new grad, we currently have 2 NICU intern positions posted. It's like a residency program for new grads in the NICU!
  7. muircv

    Sacred Heart NICU in Pensacola

    Did you end up moving to Pensacola? I currently live in Alaska and work in the nicu here. My husband and I might end up in Pensacola by next summer so I'd love to hear about the nicu there as well as what the pay is like! Thanks!
  8. muircv

    NICUs in Alaska?

    I'm a NICU nurse here and was hired as a new grad. We are always looking for people, but they do prefer BSN. If you have an ADN they ask you to get your BSN within 2-3years of being hired or something like that but they help pay for it. As the only level 3 nicu in Alaska if a kid needs ECHMO or major heart stuff, they go to Seattle/Portland but we do see and get pretty sick kids from all over the state.
  9. muircv

    New Grad Job Market: A Game of Chance

    you PM'd me but it won't let me respond, so I'm responding here. I live in Anchorage, so I can't tell you much about Bethel or the villages unfortunately. I've heard milk is something like $9/gallon though. IT's one of the biggest and most well known villages, but still pretty remote and isolated. Good luck!!
  10. muircv

    Advice on finding a job???

    Providence here in Alaska does a NICU inteRN program and they're considering hiring for a January 2012 start date. I'm part of the program now and love it! It's 2 days a week you work a 12hr shift with a preceptor, and then 1 day a week is an education day. I'm on week 6 and so far I really enjoy it!
  11. Sorry I am just now responding! I've been here 2 months now and I really like it! I ended up getting a place right down the street from Prov that's gated because I wanted to live somewhere I felt safe and secure as I got to know the areas. It's very expensive up here, I lived 15minutes out of Denver for 2 years, and my rent is twice as much in Anchorage as it was there. It seems the thing to do is buy in Anchorage if you can. One other interesting thing is that areas change from good to shady really quick, one street/block is fine and the next is funky, so that's been something to get used to. I got the job by applying online, I graduated in May 2011 with my BSN and my dream was to work in a NICU, I'm newly married and don't have kids so I was flexible but also not ready to settle and live just anywhere! I'm part of an internship program that's great, we have an education day a week and then 2 shifts with a precptor for 12 weeks so a lot of learning which I like. :)
  12. Hi, I was just offered a job today at Providence in Anchorage as an RN! I am incredibly excited but have a lot to figure out in a short amount of time. I have never been to Alaska, and I'm leaving to move up there from Colorado in 2 weeks. I was wondering if anyone had any insight about where to live. I don't mind driving a little to get to work but probably not more then 20min. I'd like to find a 2bed apartment, I have a 100lb dog. I want to live somewhere nice and safe because my husband will be gone most of the year overseas. Any help or insight with housing, apartment complexes, or just some general advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!! Oh, also, I just graduated in May with my BSN!
  13. muircv

    Pay at PSA Healthcare in Aurora/Denver

    I went to an interview today at the PSA office in Aurora, CO and I was told the pay is $20/hr and there are some differentials for nights and weekends. I think it was $0.25/hr from 4pm-8pm $0.50/hr for 8pm-midnight and then I believe an extra $1/hr from midnight to 7am. I think she said it was $1.25/hr for weekends. I am a new grad nurse with no experience!
  14. I'm from Seattle and I'm moving to the Denver area to attend Regis University at the end of this month, so 3 weeks! I've never been to Denver, so I'm moving knowing only what I've found online! It seems like any apartment complex I find that looks good, I read the reviews and there's something about the police being there all the time, the neighborhood being dicey, gun shots heard; and I'm getting discouraged. What are safe areas to live in relatively close to Regis? I've looked at Federal Heights, Thornton, Westminster and other suburbs. My budget is no more then $800, I have a large dog, and I'd like a 2br. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  15. muircv

    Where to live in Denver!?

    I thought it might be! Darn! I've found a couple places on craigslist that look okay, but then again I have no idea what the area is like! An apartment would be alright if we were on the bottom floor, and there was a park nearby. I really just want to be somewhere safe, that I feel comfortable at! So if anyone can recommend good apartments that are dog friendly then that would be good too! I'll look in the areas you mentioned DenverRN921, thanks