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  1. Thanks for the tip, Silverdragon!!
  2. sylhum, I feel a little silly because i can't figure out how to PM you, but I wanted to ask about being an EMT in the USCG. As of now I have no medical experience and no job, and I'm considering RN, EMT and Respiratory Therapist. Diving is my favorite activity, so I really want to live on a (warm) coast. I'm leaning more and more towards EMT to start my medical career, and I'm also considering the CG because I miss the military life and job security sometimes (I'm former USAF). So basically, I want to ask you how much choice you had in becoming an EMT. Is your rate HS or AST? I'm hoping I could go for HS, and just say "I'd like to be an EMT"...but I know in the Air Force you couldn't pick and choose your job. Just looking for an insider's take on how it works - how you get put into different specialties. And in your opinion how does CG medical training compare to civilian training? Yes I have been talking to a recruiter, but he's new and doesn't have a whole ton of info. Thanks a heap!