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  1. want2beanurse2

    Everest LPN Program

    Hi I'm currently enrolled at Everest in Michigan...I know several people that have graduated and have found jobs. Did you have more questions?
  2. want2beanurse2

    Everest LPN- RN Bridge. Please help!!

    I am currently enrolled with "Doodles" at the southfield campus. We're in the full time day program which started in January and ends in December this year (11 months) I'ts actually going really good. I still need pre reqs to apply for an RN program and I got discourged by it seeming that you had to have well and beyond a 4.0 to get in anywhere. Everest is working for me, I went contingent on my job working some weekends, they just started a 2 year part time program which I unfortunately dont have much info to give you. I like the fact that its all Nursing classes, there is no government, economics, ect...although to apply for a bridge program you will need those and more. Only the Southfield and Grand Rapids campus offers the LPN program. The next fulltime program starts in May, September and then January each year. If you have more specific questions feel free to ask.
  3. want2beanurse2

    resigned did'nt get my unused vacation time in check

    OMG! For a minute I thought I wrote this post! I too just resigned in Dec from a local hospital of 5 years and expected my vacation payout to be on yesterdays check (1/15) called payroll and never got a return call! All I can say is they may have a policy where they issue the payout on a seperate check? They didnt deduct any benefits from this check so HR must be well aware that I've resigned at this point.....GOOD LUCK!
  4. want2beanurse2

    Any Everest Institute lpn graduates out there?

    :clpty: Doodles, congratulations! I will be one of your classmates at Everest!
  5. want2beanurse2

    Nurses can't draw blood, its always hemolyzed

    cjcsoon2brn That's exactly why the specimens are hemolyzing! They get the initial sample of blood during the IV insertion, then later when more test are ordered they go back into the IV site instead of poking the patient. The sample is most likely hemolyzied, they redraw the specimen and again it's hemolyzed, by the third time they're calling for the lab to come draw the blood stating the reason as the patient is a difficult draw and several people have tried.....well when I (lab) get there and I'm looking for a vein I notice the patient never has puncture marks?? and you've tried to get the blood several times?
  6. want2beanurse2

    Everest LPN- RN Bridge. Please help!!

    Hello, I believe since Everest LPN program is just a one year program which doesnt require any prereqs, I honestly dont believe anything transfers. (theres nothing to transfer) If you wish to apply at one of the local community colleges you will be required to have the same nursing prereqs that everyone else has to have if you dont already have them such as Anatomy I and II, Psych, Micro, Nutrition, ect.... I know it seems like having an LPN certificate/degree you would be half way on your way to being an RN but unfortunately the community college wont accept anything. One good thing I've heard is that it's easier to get into an LPN to RN bridge program once you are an LPN and have all the required classes done.
  7. want2beanurse2

    LPN program private loans

    I would also advise you to look into applying for scholarships if you havent already? I think one of the most popular scholarship websites is fastweb. You would be surprised of the simple requirements for some scholarships....I wish you well!
  8. want2beanurse2

    Everest Institute.. Anyone have info?

    Hi Tammy30, An LPN is still a NURSE, just not a registered one. I believe what Hopesgrahmcracker is trying to explain to you is she has done her research, and she has all the prereq's completed and has applied to many "Registered Nursing Programs" but I'm sure you know there is alot of competiton and many of us need a better income now, and cant afford to keep reapplying only to get turned down because we have a 3.8 Gpa and not a 4.0 Gpa! Sitting around waiting 2 or more years is a waste of time! When she finishes her LPN program through Everest she will already have RN prereq's done and will be working as a LPN, I've heard that it is much easier to get accepted into an LPN to RN bridge versus walking straight into an RN program. No, her classes and credits dont transfer but she doesnt need them to. She's using Everest as a stepping stone. On the other hand let's just imagine someone working as a Nursing Assistant making $12.00 an hour without any Nursing prereq's.....If admitted into Everest that person has the potential after one year of school to come out making a minimum of $23.00 an hour, that's more than a $10.00 hike! Who wouldnt go for that? Neither of us work for Everest so we're not endorsing the school, I dont even go to the school but were just trying to give some people out there another option who has gone through the same obtacles we have trying to get admitted into community colleges around here. Of course this program isnt for everyone so each person would have to research all their options and decide what's best for them! If I were to actually get accepted I would consider this one year LPN program a blessing! I wish you the best!
  9. want2beanurse2

    Skeptical about the high amount of Student Loan

    The program I'm trying to get accepted into is $30,000! Yes, that's just for LPN. All the community colleges in my area you have to have damn near a 4.0 Gpa to get accepted into the RN program or be willing to sit on a waiting list for the next 2 to 3 years with no degree or certificate. I recieve financial aid, if you are awarded any scholarships you may apply those, also in MI they have NWLB- up to $10,000 for a 2 years of education. for the one year LPN I believe your only allowed $5,000. Yes it's expensive but in MI a new LPN has the potential of starting out making at least $23.00, some I've heard started at $26.00 once they passed their state boards! For me it is so worth it! I have a sister that attends Indiana University and her tuition is $30,000 per year! and it will take her 4 years to earn a degree. Only you can make the right decision. I wish you the best!
  10. want2beanurse2

    Everest Institute.. Anyone have info?

    Hello, It can be financed with the help of financial aid, scholarships that you may apply up until the last day of class, No Worker Left behind (I was told only up to $5,000 because the program is only 11 months) loans and payment plans.
  11. want2beanurse2

    WBH - Troy Formula

    Hello, I am an employee at WBH Troy. I dont think they would be willing to answer that question over the phone. All hospitals have different varieties of formula, but until the baby is born and has time to see if the selected formula works well with their system I wouldnt recommend going and stocking up. Usually most hospitals send the "New Mom" home with a diaper bag full of baby supplies (formula included) this should get you through the first few days. As far as diapers, your baby could be allergic or you may find that the cost of the particular brand just doesnt fit in with your buget? And may want to seek other brands. I hope this helped? If not, the ONLY person I would recommend addressing these questions to would be the Pediatrician you have already selected to care for your baby once born. CONGRATULATIONS!!
  12. want2beanurse2

    Where do I report fraudulent nursing programs?

    I believe it's already been exposed. But for future reference you can always Contact the Michigan Board of Nursing with questions and complaints. Sorry I dont have the number handy.