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    Just A Rant!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, Caffeineaddict i been following your post because i seen that you have previously taken the transition courses at Harbor. Am gonna be a new student taking the same classes for Spring of 2013 and am nervous as i do not know what to expect from them. I know they are online courses but are you require to go to campus at anytime. I would appreciate if you fill me in a little. Sorry this is irrelevant to your original post. I hope you have good luck in your job search i know its hard but keep trying dont give up
  2. Hi, everyone i hope you guys dont mind me sneaking in here. I have applied for a position at UCLA is non-nursing but Health Related. My status changed to "Routed to interviewing Supervisor" this status first appear on April 14th and is now April 16th and i have not received a call rewarding scheduling an interview. Does anyone know how long it will take before i get called? Do they usually call right away or do they take a couple of days after the status first appears?? I am confused am not sure if am the one that is suppose to call to schedule the interview or what. :icon_roll

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