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  1. monkeyduty

    School giving me bad reputation...

    well, i'm not sure what you consider *real* feedback but I can share with you that I know in my area the hospitals will be contacting my school about clinical experiences and you have references written by clinical instructors/preceptors they will be contacted via the school - my school keeps records of clinical performance evaluation. If you have not worked yet, then that is all the employer has to go off of. I don't know if that is *real* feedback but it's always good to have a fresh mind weigh in on something I'm sure you've been thinking a lot about. I hope it works out for you.
  2. monkeyduty

    Getting ready for nursing apps again - Portland/Salem area

    don't forget MHCC has an part-time program that is relatively new and unheard of but is accredited. If your overall GPA is an issue, then you do have to be strategic to where you apply. Otherwise, I would apply to as many places as possible to increase your chances.
  3. monkeyduty

    Who is applying for Linfield this go around?

    Have you made contact with ----, the admin adviser (is that really the correct spelling? adviser, advisor?) If you are concerned about your essays, it can't hurt to email her, ask for advice, and it will get your name in the door. Good luck. P.S. be sure to do it EARLY or she will never get to your email once apps start coming in.
  4. monkeyduty

    Is Insurance required for Nursing Schools?

    This is an old post but maybe someone will find my input helpful: At Linfield, it is technically worked into your tuition. There's a pdf you can download and look at the breakdown and get financial aid/loans for that number. What happens is the school will charge you the fees and tuition and whatnot but insurance is something that you do separately so it will not come in your bill at the beginning of the term but it will be a separate cost that is required, like textbooks. Also, really figure out your home bills and costs because when I went by the suggested number in that pdf form, i probably will have borrowed *too* much money - last term I had to return some of it but you can only do that with government loans easily whereas bank loans you're pretty much stuck with. Good luck! I'm in the midst of dealing with insurance and I know it's a pain.
  5. Has anyone applied for the MedCAP loan at Wells Fargo? They said I qualified for a 6% rate which sounds pretty good nowadays but I was hoping that with my credit score at 741 I could get even lower. Does anyone know if I should push it or look somewhere else?
  6. monkeyduty

    Accelerated program at Linfield

    Taz, Where did you see this schedule for Resource Analysis Assignment? Have you already registered? I was under the impression that we would register on orientation day.... am I already FALLING BEHIND?!
  7. monkeyduty

    Accelerated program at Linfield

    Thanks barleynhops, you've been so helpful. One last question (i think): you said we needed a laptop - but is portability really essential or can I just have a home computer?
  8. monkeyduty

    Accelerated program at Linfield

    I will be living really close to school so I can walk. Does anyone know if you can get through school without a car? I would think transportation to clinicals becomes an issue without a car.... but it would be great if I could get rid of my car and all the associated costs....
  9. monkeyduty

    Accelerated program at Linfield

    SD22 - Here are some easy ways to remember the geography around Portland - The Willamette River splits Portland from East and West. Burnside Street splits it North and South. From Burnside and north is known as the alphabet district (Linfield sits between "N"orthrup and "O"verton). I think it stops at "V"aughn though.... John's Landing is a nice area - if it got too rainy to bike, you could hop down Macadam and take the streetcar at South Waterfront which will drop you off at school but it takes about 30minutes (you could definitely bike faster). John's Landing is a different area than St. John's which is another really nice area. It has some spectacular views of Portland! :redbeathe Anyway, to orient myself I always figure out where I-5 is in relation to where I am and that's how I figure out my directions. Although this doesn't always work because I-5 curves every once in a while. Hope you end up liking the city as much as I do! :)
  10. monkeyduty

    Accelerated program at Linfield

    Thank you for the book list, barleynhops, I've already started shopping. Did any of the students find any advantage to having Tabor's cyclopedic medical dictionary (or any text, for that matter) on their PDA? I have found great deals on used paperbacks but to buy the PDA version is a lot more... Again, really appreciate the help. My one gripe about school in general is they don't give you a list of text before class in enough time so you can shop around for them. When they finally give you the list, you have to scramble and many times end up paying for the bookstore price just so you can have the book in time for class! In my final year at Oregon State I finally figured out I could email the professor (if I knew who it was going to be) and ask what the text was and if I could use old editions..... books are so expensive these days! EDIT: There is a NEW EDITION out for the medical dictionary.....Linfield will probably recommend that, huh?
  11. monkeyduty

    CNA exam study group

    For me, the written part wasn't the problem. Doing the skills in the time allotted was the problem for me and most of my classmates. I think you only need like a 70% to pass on the written part. If you had a text, I would go over the review sections to study for the written part. Also, if you have the skills down, the written part should come a lot easier. Good luck!
  12. monkeyduty

    OHSU BSN PDX program applicants - 2010

    Wow, that was kind of my strategy too but I had no idea so few people applied. I got invited for an interview as well but have already been accepted into Linfield. Linfield Pros: 2 years (more time to work), Bachelors Degree, academic slant Linfield Cons: Hella expensive MHCC pros: cheap-er, lot more skills based MHCC cons: 9 terms or 3 years at MHCC plus 1 year at OHSU for Bachelor Degree
  13. monkeyduty

    Anything less than 4.0 GPA won't qualify for nursing?

    I still look at it too. It's nice to have an idea of what type of professor you will have. I'd be curious to know if there is another website that other people use.
  14. monkeyduty

    Anything less than 4.0 GPA won't qualify for nursing?

    Yes, there are many ways you could make that work but you might not want to focus on the obviously medically related stuff - they like diverse students so if you focused on leadership, problem solving, organizations, etc, etc, things that you know and skills that they look for in a nurse it might be more sell-able. If you want, I can help you with your essays through email. HOWEVER - with the OCNE schools, you need to work on points BEFORE your essay. With OHSU, Linfield, and I believe, UP, you work on essays and points at the SAME time.
  15. monkeyduty

    Anything less than 4.0 GPA won't qualify for nursing?

    This pdf has PCC's scoring guide - it can help you make decisions on what you can do to make yourself more competitive http://www.pcc.edu/programs/nursing/documents/advising-guide.pdf Again, all the OCNE programs have something similar online. I feel you on the CNA issue - it was a frantic 3 months while I worked full time and went to training full time. Afterward, I considered a part time job as a CNA while I worked full time at my job-job but I really didn't want to have that stress. In my search for part-time work, I found many places that had temporary positions or you can get hired on as a "caregiver" which often is very very flexible timewise. One word: craigslist. As far as your essay, there are many ways to make your experiences "medically relevant". For example, in one of my essays to Linfield, I wrote about a sanitation program I implemented at my company that deals with food.... As a CEO, you have leadership abilities and team skills. Communication and organization are key - these things are relevant in the medical field. What makes you want to be a nurse? What makes you think you will be a good nurse? These are questions reviewers are looking to answer when they look at your application.... I guess you should treat this like a job search - research the school you are applying for and tailor your resume to look good for them. Every school has a Philosophy Statement or Dean's Message or whatever - they tell you what they want in a student. Take that and run with it.