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QuarterLife88 has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Neuroscience.

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  1. QuarterLife88

    PASSED AANP Adult-Gero PC boards!

    Hi all! So this past Saturday I took my boards through AANP. I took the AGNP exam. It honestly wasn't too bad. I had three hours of allotted time once the test began, but I finished in just under two hours. I flagged/marked about 23 questions in tota...
  2. QuarterLife88

    University of Michigan AGACNP

    I applied to the Adult Primary NP, but I got in! Received the email today!
  3. QuarterLife88

    Keeping experienced staff!!!

    What are they doing? Nothing. Most experienced staff leave for greener pastures or retire. Management gives no cares to the happiness of nursing staff long-term.
  4. QuarterLife88

    University of Michigan AGACNP

    No, no confirmation email, but I scheduled mine for the morning with the link they sent me. Good luck to you. I'm going for the adult primary NP.
  5. QuarterLife88

    University of Michigan AGACNP

    I just received an invitation to interview. Hopefully I'll get in.
  6. QuarterLife88

    What do you hate most about your job?

    Rude and overbearing family members that think they can do our job better than we can. Entitled, pushy, condescending messes, who need to be cussed out and kicked out of the room, but have to be catered to because, "customer service." I also despise ...
  7. QuarterLife88

    Female vs male patients

    No, I don't. No, men are not better than women in any way, patient or not. A patient being a "good" patient or not has to do with their personality. I've had good and bad on both sides. I hope you're not a woman. This post is sad either way. Internal...
  8. QuarterLife88

    CNA rant

    I'll start off by saying, I do and have worked with some excellent aides that have saved my butt many times over, and made what would have a been a horrible night something I was able to get through. To the aides out there that do their jobs, you are...
  9. QuarterLife88

    Call bells

    Really? You'd be so rude as to interrupt me when I'm with another patient, for all you know is having a severe turn for the worse, for ice chips? You'd stalk me into someone else's room in which you have no business being when the use of the call lig...
  10. QuarterLife88

    Call bells

    Agreed. I always explain the use of the call light to the family before I exit the room and let them know that they are free to use it if their family member needs something, and that it's the best way to get our attention. Also, if they do only need...
  11. QuarterLife88

    Call bells

    They can use the call button like everyone else. Coming out the nurses' station to badger me for a water is not necessary, especially after I've explained the use of the call button to you several times. Stopping me mid-walk in the hallway when I'm c...
  12. QuarterLife88

    Burnt out

    I feel you, OP. I have been a nurse for two years now, and while the first year as new grad left me feeling burnt out from culture shock and feeling overwhelmed in general, the second year has left me feeling burnt out from the politics and b.s. that...
  13. QuarterLife88

    Call bells

    I hate call bells. Sometimes a shift is so bad I can hear them in my head when I go home. Anything in the outside world that reminds me of the sound of a call light (or the admission pager for that matter) gives me pseudo-PTSD like reactions. I get j...
  14. QuarterLife88

    Why don't nurses bond?

    Careful, your misogyny is showing. *flames on the side of my face*
  15. QuarterLife88

    Why don't nurses bond?

    I grow tired and frustrated about the social commentary and misogyny that women are inherently drama filled, gossipy, evil beings who can't form friendships, Really? Why is it that when men gossip, no one says a word, but a woman is a *****? Why is i...