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  1. i'm a student from ar we are graduating in june our classes are through in 6 more day but we have clinical to finish up. i'm doing a research paper i choice the topic of i believe it would be beneficial to get cna training before starting lpn school. for several reason one to just get a taste of the medical field before enrolling and deciding it's not for you after 2yrs in school and the other for the experience and knowledge and maybe ever to instill some appreciation for cna's. ar does not require you to first have your cna if i had it all to do over i would most defiantly have taken the class first. i do understand that some schools my be more take more time in teaching these techniques, but my clinical checks were one night each and all several months before we attended a clinical setting most of us would have sunk if it had not be fellow class mate that were cna before. so my question is does your state require you to have a cna before you attend lpn school. [color=#ff4040]nichole aylett