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  1. Does your institution have a rapid response team??? Many do, having them see the patient and then advocating as a second pair of eyes helps. If not, another seasoned nurse or supervisor. Also are there other doctors on the case?? Sometimes updating another physician on the case may produce results. Depending on the severity moving things up the change of command will help or the physician over your unit.
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    Pay Scales

    It really goes to show that nursing has done a terrible job educating the community and sometimes the others that we work with what RN's do! Little things we do everyday save peoples life . . . like sitting at the desk looking through the chart making sure a med order doesn't kill the person were giving it to ect. ect. RN's more and more need to be FBI agent with their assessment skills and their ability to put all of the pieces together to best serve and protect their patients and to direct care. Guess what??? with the responisblity and education comes the money.
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    You are part of the problem with healthcare today if...

    LuvRN I loved your response but I would also like to added a bit more to this from the bedside. You are part of the problem with healthcare today if . . . . . you are at the bedside and . . . ---you rarely teach your patients and families about their disease processes ---you rarely update your patients and families about their plan of care. --- families and patients who call out and ask the above or have concerns are all pain in the a***es ---you rarely read your physician progress notes ---your unit looks more like a farm then a hospital because of all the sh*t laying around ---you spend more time in a 12 hour shift, on the computer planning your next vacation, shopping, facebooking or texting. --- you are clueless on what is going on with your patient after a 12 hour shift and give crappy reports and leave half of your work undone. ---you have no idea what the discharge plan is ---you'd love to be doing something else but the money and job security in nursing is just to good ---if you come to work every day with a crappy negative attitude and no solutions ---it takes more then four rings to pick up the call light or a phone or to turn off a telemetry monitor when their are 5 nurse in the station. ---if you don't take any responsiblity or pride for you unit, your education, your career --- if you have an FMLA for sunny days, or days you just don't feel up to coming in maybe it's time to stop pointing the finger and look at some of the real issues.