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  1. Not me! I got into my ADN program on my first try without it.
  2. Mom/Nurse2b

    Time commitment for ADN program??

    I SO hope this is the case for me too! I have 5 children, all school-aged, that are in various activities. I am a good student and have lots of time during their school days and activities to study. I am most worried about missing their games and school functions. I don't have to go to ALL of them, but MOST would be nice. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I really needed that!
  3. Mom/Nurse2b

    Rate myself for a reference?

    She's asking you to rate yourself? But I thought that's what you were asking her to do for the reference?! I guess just be honest. After looking at the list, they seem more character questions than actual questions about whether you grasped the material.
  4. Mom/Nurse2b

    Anyone applying for Navarro ADN Fall 2011?

    They told us they would send them out in the first week of June, but that was way back in November at the info session. You might want to try calling and asking for the date. Couldn't hurt.
  5. Mom/Nurse2b

    Student loans - worth it?

    I 100% agree with the above posters. $60,000 is quite a bit for a degree, unless we're talking about an Ivy League school, which I'm going to assume you're not. Try the CC ADN program if you can and bridge immediately to a BSN if that's what you want. It would cost you so much less.
  6. Mom/Nurse2b

    ADN Fall 2011 Hopefuls!!!

    I got my letter this week! :anpom:
  7. Mom/Nurse2b

    Anyone applying for Navarro ADN Fall 2011?

    Congrats! So am I reading the papers right? We will not have a "nurse camp" just an orientation on Aug. 2? Where are you at Stef84? I'm in the Waxahachie area so Corsicana will be a bit of a commute for me that first year.
  8. Mom/Nurse2b

    Nursing School

    Good for you for being that nurse that those students can turn to and not feel like they are bothering someone. You have taken some of the negatives from your experience and turned them into positives for others. :)
  9. Mom/Nurse2b

    Is it difficult to win scholarships?

    I was awarded a scholarship last year for $1500, and that was on top of my pell grant so that money was extra for me. I'm not sure of their criteria-each one will be different and have different requirements.
  10. Mom/Nurse2b

    Anyone applying for Navarro ADN Fall 2011?

    Got my letter today! I'm in!!!! :hpygrp: Anyone else?
  11. Mom/Nurse2b

    Can Teas be passes without puechasing exams?

    I did NOT buy the exams. I bought the study guide and took those practice exams in the book like 30 times, but I couldn't justify the online exams. I made a 90.5. It can be done! :)
  12. Mom/Nurse2b

    Anyone applying for Navarro ADN Fall 2011?

    I called today and there is a message saying the letters for the ADN program were mailed today. So hopefully we'll get something this week!
  13. Mom/Nurse2b

    Class Of 2012

    Typo! Meant 2012
  14. Mom/Nurse2b

    Class Of 2012

    Congrats on your acceptance! I'm waiting on our letters-sometime in June, but I'm thinking I'll be Class of 2010 also. I applied to both the ADN and LVN program, so I'm just waiting to see which one it'll be.
  15. Mom/Nurse2b

    I'm in!!!!!

    Congrats! :)