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Currently a paralegal working toward becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

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  1. There were about 100 people interviewed last year I believe. I think there were three sets of three days for interviews last time. I could be wrong though.
  2. I don't think it can hurt to keep them updated!
  3. If its just a numbers game I wouldn't have been accepted. They look at each candidate individually, with emphasis on your recent work. My cumulative gpa was less than 3.0, but my last 60 units were 3.9.
  4. I know they have selected the Early Accepance candidates, since I'm helping at an event for them next week. Interview invites shouldn't be far off!!! Hang in there guys :)
  5. FYI waiters, the campus is closed until January 7th so you can try and relax at least until then.
  6. You're right mochikat. Also, our class wound up being almost 60 people. Not sure if they are planning that many in the next cohort, but it seems likely.
  7. Finals are next week. Mildly traumatized ;)Profs are great, TAs are also awesome. All in all it's been an excellent semester!
  8. There will be at least a couple of people from my cohort there to answer questions :)
  9. I think everyone has a difference outlook. We are just starting our first tests, and a lot of people are nervous. But for the most part I think we have a good solid cohort! We start clinicals in two short weeks!!!
  10. Hi guys, thought I'd check back in and see if anyone has questions for a current student :) We are just starting week 5!
  11. Couldn't agree more with MochiKat's assessment of why orientation week has done nothing but solidify my enthusiasm for Western. I can't wait for classes to start! See you Monday MochiKat!!!!
  12. BeesMama, I think the biggest question is what is your GPA for your last 60 college units? Western puts an emphasis on this, and really likes to see a strong upward trajectory for grades. Western is a VERY competitive program, and they admit less than 10% of applicants. With that in mind, I honestly don't think that 3.2 and no healthcare volunteer work is sufficient unless your last 60 units are stellar. I don't want to be discouraging, but I want to give you realistic information. Here's my background in a nutshell. My overall GPA is a pitiful 2.8, most of that from college 15+ years ago. I graduated with a BS in Public Health with honors in 2011, and my last 60 units are a 3.9. Western doesn't look at strictly prereq GPA (mine is 3.75 though), mostly last 60 units. I have over 1000 hospital volunteer hours, but all of that is from 15+ years ago. I've been employed full time as an executive assistant/paralegal for more than 10 years, and have been working on this career change while working full time. I'm also an Army veteran. In my personal statement I really emphasized why my GPA sucked so much early on (single, 19 year old parent, etc.), why I want to be a nurse practitioner, and how I've proven my time management skills and academic skills have improved over the last 15+ years. I also discussed why I was interested in Western's program specifically, and why I would be a successful student there. I hope that helps some. Please feel free to ask me anything, I'm totally an open book!
  13. I'm sure it depends on your individual circumstance, but I have a mix of Stafford loans and Grad Plus loans.
  14. You can get loans for the entire 4 year program, not just the pre-licensure portion.
  15. Maseca

    Western University MSN-E Application Time!

    I'm so glad you guys don't have to deal with NursingCAS this go-around. That was a nightmare.
  16. Maseca

    How do you handle the drug seekers?

    I haven't started nursing school yet (one month!), but this story sounds very familiar to me. I was that little girl when I was a child. My mother has had addictions to pain medication most of my life, and as a result, I ended up being the parent in the situation. When we would go to the hospital, and I would be the one to try and get "help" for my mom, mostly because I really wanted to go back home and sleep. I could go on, but needless to say, that little girl was being forced to take on concerns and responsibilities far beyond her years I know your time with patients is limited in the ER, but what can be done for the kids in that situation? Would it have been appropriate to tell her in some way that she doesn't need to be responsible for her mom, that the doctors and nurses were taking care of everything? Could some sort of intervention be done to help the children who are forced into a caretaking role due to their parent's addictions? What can the nurse's role be in that aspect?