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  1. rizzarivera

    Nursing in calgary

    thanks 5cats.i just went through most of the web infos about applying as a nurse in canada and the main concern right now is to get 1 year of experience.. =) there, i get it=)
  2. rizzarivera

    Nursing in calgary

    if not Trillium, what is the alternative then?
  3. rizzarivera

    Licensure requirements for CA for foreign grad

    Hi!im a newbie here and I find your forum discussions very substantial and informative with regard to my future plans of taking the nclex-rn exam and eventually passing it. I hope you will enlighten me with my starting steps: 1.will you suggest a processing center to help me with my eligibility requirements? i do not know if you are familiar with NURSE EXAMINATION ASSESSMENT CENTER (NEAC) or other processing agencies for that matter. Is this advisable or is this just a waste of money? they are offering an inviting 100% fast, worry-free nclex application but in return they will be charging $69 for their services. 2. Will I need to enroll in an intensive review course for the nclex-rn exam or will self-review suffice? I know this is a self-absorbed querry but I am just wondering if majority of nclex passers enrolled themselves in a review center. I want to know the figures, statistics maybe. I did a research on review programs offered locally in our area and each review course costs around 20000-25000. I want to know if the money is worth it. Some of my friends who are already working in the states say that KAPLAN review center offers the best review course, is this true? thanks so much=) your replies will be much appreciated. God bless us nurses=)