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Ashton&AverysMommy has 3 years experience and specializes in Private Duty Nursing.

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  1. Ashton&AverysMommy

    Tell us about you!

    Thanks for PM'ing me the link also Jenn55e (I'm not very active on this board so I am not allowed to PM) weird. Anyways Thank you!!! Anyways....I am a Registered Nurse. I have 1 case that I have been on for over a year. I care for a vent dependent male who is also a quadriplegic (fractured c1/c2). It's the best job I have ever had. I work every other weekend, and a few days during the week. (shifts vary from 4s,8s and 10s). Other nurses do 12s but I don't like them We have a great time watching sports on tv, and when the weather is JUST the right temperature (he is on a vent and his thermoregulation is "broken" as he likes to say)....we like to go out to the bar and he likes to have drinks. Seriously where else can you say you go to work, get paid GREAT ($32.69/hr for RN's in WI) you can watch tv, go on facebook, knit/etc.....and go out to the bar or the fair?!?!?! I love my job and my case is great. I am enrolled to get my BSN this spring, so I am not sure if I will look for a hospital job quite yet (Overload with 2 kids, 2 jobs and full time school).
  2. Ashton&AverysMommy

    Tell us about you!

    I am also wondering the same thing JenMSN!
  3. Ashton&AverysMommy

    Become Medicaid/Medicare provider

    I'm a M/M provider in Wisconsin. Here our rate of pay is $21.xx/hr for an LPN, and $32.xx/hr for RN. Does anybody know what the rate of pay is in Illinois? I have looked all over and can't find a job board for Illinois patients.
  4. Ashton&AverysMommy

    private duty nurse

    I see that this thread is old, but I felt that I should tell others that professionalproviderservices.comis no longer a working website. It is now called Index . I have been a PDN for over a year (wisconsin) and I love every minute of it. I am my own boss, work my own schedule, work with a great group of nurses and we care for a patient who is on a ventilator. LPN's make $21.xx an hour and RN's make $32.xx an hour. Where else can you make that as a brand new graduate in wisconsin? No where!
  5. Ashton&AverysMommy

    Former job hopper...help!

    When I was younger, I notoriously job hopped, I would just up and quit and not show up to my CNA jobs. I have burned my bridges and don't have any good references. (Part of my problem was having an undiagnosed mental illness) Now fast forward, I got diagnosed, am taking meds....and I grew up. I have a job I love, and I have been working as a home health RN for a year. I have NEVER missed a shift, I have been a model employee. But I want to work in a hospital, and I am finding myself with rejection letter after rejection letter. I think it is due to my sucky resume Because I don't have any good references, I have had to kind of "tweak" my resume, and it looks empty. The only job I have listed on there is my current nurse job. Believe me I have learned my lesson, and I grew up. I live in Wisconsin, and I know that the job market isnt the best, but I also have realized that I am one of the few left out of my graduating class (december 2011) who does not have a job in a hospital. :/ Is there any hope for me? Or does anybody have an advice?
  6. Ashton&AverysMommy

    Dec 2011 Graduates

    I'm a December 2011 grad in wisconsin. Have had 1 interview and 2 phone interviews. Still no job Luckily I work as a home health nurse but I would like to get my foot in the door of a hospital!
  7. Ashton&AverysMommy

    Best employee benefits/insurance in southeastern wi

    Anybody else? :)
  8. I am a graduate nurse, and will be taking the NCLEX-RN January 20th. I am currently working as a home health nurse making really good money. But the thing is, is there is no insurance. I am interested in working part time somewhere near Burlington. I have been thinking: United Hospital system (kenosha/pleasant prairie) Froedert (milwaukee) Wheaton Franciscan (racine/franklin) Mercy (lake geneva area) Can any employees tell me about the employee benefits/insurance....and starting pay? I will have to get insurance for my 2 toddler children and myself...so family insurance is what I am looking at. :) I have heard a lot of negative things about aurora and want to stay away from aurora if this is true (is wheaton franciscan an aurora hospital?) Any information on these hospitals would be great!
  9. Hi guys!!! Well I will be repeating Health Alterations 1 this fall I was just wondering if anybody could give me ANY helpful websites or study tips.....I plan on studying over my notes, and power points that I did get in class. I am going to try and get a tutor from my school and see if that helps prepare me to ace this class, after all I only get 1 more shot! Thanks guys!!!