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  1. sjbubbles 24: In my case, i just sent my certified true copy of TOR to NMBWA since it's already certified by our school's registrar.. with regards to the certificate of employment, 4vida was right, you only have to send a photocopy of it. no original documents must be forwarded... :) Good luck!
  2. sofia*26


    don't lose hope... we're from the same batch and have accomplished with success every exams needed to become USRN.. but because of retrogression and downturn of the economy worldwide, our dreams of going there is just impossible.. for the meantime :) I'm still keeping my fingers crossed because not all nurses are able to achieve what we have achieved. we're not alone in this US application so cheer up. It's just a matter of time... Just an info, Oz is accepting nurses even without hospital experience.. like in queensland and victoria, if i'm not mistaken. a lot of newly grad filipino nurses have applied there.. Honestly, I'm also one of them :) but since i already have an experience, i opted for WA. I already received an assessment letter from the nursing board and just waiting for the offer letter from the hospital that i've applied for the bridging program.. So don't lose hope. God has plans for us. It may seem that we are not getting what we want from Him, but He is just probably waiting for the right time. Let His Will be done, not ours! God Bless :)
  3. hi sjbubbles!.. i suggest visiting the other thread titled ''newly grad filipino nurse wanting to work in Australia/New Zealand." The requirements, costs and how to go about processing your papers in Australia has been discussed in this thread. Good luck!
  4. Just happen to stumble into this particular article... http://www.nurseinaustralia.com/nursing-student-slapped-in-the-face/ Having been able to work for 2 years both at a hospital and a clinic, i've had a few encounters of patients who were totally verbally abusive and demanding. Personally, experiences like this adds up to the big responsibility vested on the shoulders of the nurses in the workplace. Though we are being taught at nursing schools the proper attitude or values nurses must possess, incidents like this can really test our patience especially if you've already had a whole bad and tiring day at work.. But so far, i've never had any experience yet of being physically harmed by my patient and i'm not waiting or desiring for it to happen t0 me.. what are your thoughts about this article?.. is there anybody who experienced some form of physical harm by their patients?!
  5. I think they do have a limited slot at DOH because one of the members of this forum who applied at NMBWA also inquired there and was informed that they don't have any available slots left for the BP or something like that.. ok dear keep me posted with your progress Good luck in your next ielts exam! God Bless :paw:
  6. 4vida: hi! im not considering DOH because I've worked in a hospital for only 1 1/2 years and 7 months in a clinic so i don't think i'm qualified to apply there.. But yeah they differ in BP fee, the DOH's BP is more expensive with AUD 2,000+ while in HPH, it costs AUD 1,100.. Good luck in your IELTS exam! :paw: chocokat: congratulations! To God be the Glory indeed!
  7. sofia*26

    Filipino nurses and CMDHB (Middlemore Hospital), NZ

    I've read a lot of articles as well as threads from this forum that NZ does not accept filipino nurses who are second coursers. They only accept those who finished their BSN for four years.. :)
  8. There's a nurse re-entry program at the Philippine Heart Center for nurses who have been out of practice.. It's a four month training program which is only conducted once a year, if i'm not mistaken. I'm just not quite sure though if they have a criteria on how many years the nurse must have not practiced the nursing profession in order to be qualified for the program.. I suggest visiting the website for information or visit PHC for further inquiry. :)
  9. hey sure no problem.. i'll keep you posted :) i have the assessment letter already. Just waiting for the result of my application to HPH if i'll be included in the sept run. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed to be selected for the bridging program as they only accept 25 applicants per program, so it's really a little competitive.. i've also learned that out of the 25 applicants, they would just probably select 12 or 13 overseas nurses as they don't want too many foreign nurses whose first language is not english and who has limited acute nursing experience in one batch. The other half will be filled by RNs in australia who wants to return to nursing practice.. How about you? have you applied at NMBWA already?
  10. hi 4vida :) it took a little longer for me to receive my assessment letter from the NMBWA because unfortunately, my RLE was not attached to my TOR. I thought the TOR was already enough.. So, when i mailed my credentials & application form around first week of March, i received an acknowledgement by March 25, along with an advise to submit breakdown of theoretical and clinical hours, which i did around first week of april. Then I received my assessment letter last april 29. So to sum it up, it took me almost 2 months from the day that i mailed my application to receiving the assessment letter... It would be less if all the documents were submitted completely.. :)
  11. hi angel!.. yup working as a volunteer nurse is also considered at HPH. :wink2:
  12. sofia*26

    Asian Hospital and Medical Center

    I passed my application directly at the Patient Care Services as a friend of mine who were formerly employed there told me to go straight to the PCS as application forms / requirements given to the lobby is not forwarded immediately.. Don't know if it's true, but i followed her advise as I won't lose anything if i followed her.. hehehe It was last January when I passed my application requirements. Then I was scheduled for the written exam by last week of January. Then i took my skills validation by last week of February as well. I already forgot the exact date. By the way, just an info, HR told me after the interview that if an applicant gets a positive commendation after the first three interviews, you will be scheduled for the fourth interview... Good luck in your application! to dulexsidlex: nice meeting you! see you at the final interview hehehe
  13. sofia*26

    Asian Hospital and Medical Center

    I received a text message yesterday from PCS informing me of my scheduled interview tomorrow.. hmm feeling quite nervous though.. hope I'll be able to get through! to all of those who would be having their interview as well, gud luck to all of us:)
  14. hi ciao_88! Let me answer your question as I am also on my path to NMBWA.. i know some people who were given an acceptance letter by the nursing board to take the bridging program even with zero experience, however it is the course providers who requires the applicants to have work experience. Like in Hollywood Private Hospital, they prefer nurses with at least 1 year of hospital experience.. :)
  15. sofia*26

    Asian Hospital and Medical Center

    @nurseboy, sir could you pls. Explain further, so where foreign country can we apply without experience (as in Zero?), and just having IELTS only? hi let me also answer your query.. there are a lot of nurse vacancy in australia right now and all you need to have is an ielts with a passing score. you can lodge your application individually, meaning you can apply without the help of an agency ( which by the way, would help you to save a lot of money ).. there are also some states that accepts RNs with zero experience... :)
  16. sofia*26

    confuse on nclex and cgfns

    check out the requirements of the Nursing Board in New Jersey if they still need a certificate from CGFNS. There are some States that requires this certificate, while others just need the nclex.. but regardless of whether you need to take up cgfns or not, you will still definitely need to take the nclex in order for you to become an RN in the US :)